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Cool DIY Mini Magnet Garden

We have told you of mini gardens for your home many times and you can choose from many variants, but this garden is the smallest one because it’s made of wine corks. The supplies are corks, a knife, a screwdriver, a hot glue gun and magnets. Punch holes in the corks with the head of a screwdriver and carve the inside with the... More

DIY Eco-Friendly Hanging Garden

If you have a bunch of broken or old lightbulbs you can make a nice hanging garden of them. You won’t even need to disassemble them. You just need to glue plumber’s pipe fittings to their ends and hang these small planters somewhere using fishing wire. In the result you can get a cool small hanging garden like the... More

Cool DIY Hanging String Gardens

Some people think that growing plants in hanging balls of soil and moss is a difficult art. Even though they are probably right thinking that this is art but but it isn’t that difficult. Megan from Radmegan has come up with a detailed tutorial showing how to make your own hanging string garden. The process isn’t... More

DIY Living Succulent Artwork

If you do like succulents you can make an artwork from them. A living picture would be great decoration on some of your walls or on a side table. You’ll only need to water such artwork once a month. Just remember you should hang such artwork at a sunny area of your house. Check out the full tutorial showing how to make... More

DIY Framed Hanging Succulent Garden

If you have some vintage picture frames and you want to reuse them then you can make a hanging succulent garden. Of course you can also use some other plants and even grow herbs in such hanging garden but succulents and cactuses looks so good and are so easy to keep them alive that they are the best choice for such project. If... More

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