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Cool DIY Mini Magnet Garden

We have told you of mini gardens for your home many times and you can choose from many variants, but this garden is the smallest one because it’s made of wine corks. The supplies are corks, a knife, a screwdriver, a hot glue gun and magnets. Punch holes in the corks with the head of a screwdriver and carve the inside with the... More

DIY Garden And Deck-Top Pond In One

There are many cool home gardens – indoor and outdoor, but this is not only a garden but also a pond. First cut your plywood of the measures you need into boards and apply polyurethane glue to a long edge of the floorboard. Glue and fasten the boards using screws. To create a quarter section for a planting bed, glue the... More

DIY Mobile Hanging Mini-Garden

As it’s almost summer we all want a garden – it doesn’t matter if it’s big or a small one, on your window sill. For a hanging garden you’ll need herb plants, a chain, S hooks, tins and organic soil. First of all make holes in the tins;  take Rustoleum Metallic silver spray paint and give the tins a couple of light... More

Cool DIY Chevron Pattern Planter

Here’s one more idea of a cool and original planter handmade. The design would remind you of Chevron.  So, after constructing the main box frame from cedar and redwood, take the remains from various projects or building something.  You can take the colored ones or just use the usual ones and paint them after constructing.... More

DIY Skull Planters Decoration

Plants and flowers are in the limelight in spring, and of course so are the planters. Everybody is looking for his or her own way to be original, to make unusual pieces. In Tucson, Az, there is a special holiday named Day of the Dead celebrated every year. The traditional gifts and decorations are human skulls. Let’s make... More

How To Design A Charming Girlish Garden

In spring we all start thinking of our gardens and how to design them. Here’s a brilliant idea of designing a garden in a girlish way. Even if you don’t have much space, you can organize you sweet piece of paradise. Paint your planters in spring colors like green lime or pink. Paint different plants or vegetables together... More

DIY Stacked Planters With Inscriptions For Your Home, Sweet Home

Decorating your garden or just bringing some nature to your home is necessary in spring. For these 3 planters with inscriptions you’ll need 3 terracotta pots, 2-3 plastic pots-when turned upside-down, tray, outdoor paint, 2 brushes-one for overall coverage, a smaller detail brush to apply the lettering painter’s tape, a... More

How TO Repurpose A Dresser Into A Home Garden

In spring a fresh small garden is right what we need – a piece of nature, what can be better? Lets’ repurpose an old dresser into a fresh spring garden. The dresser doesn’t even need to be transformed. It has three spacious drawers, you need just to take the dresser outside and put the plant pots inside, covering them... More

Cool DIY Hanging String Gardens

Some people think that growing plants in hanging balls of soil and moss is a difficult art. Even though they are probably right thinking that this is art but but it isn’t that difficult. Megan from Radmegan has come up with a detailed tutorial showing how to make your own hanging string garden. The process isn’t... More

How To Turn A Dresser Into A Garden Planter

If you have an old dresser lying around you can turn it into an awesome garden planter. You can also buy an used dresser because the planter really worth that. On the pictures is a simple dresser painted in Turquoise color and glazed with Van Dyke Brown. Some cute knobs complete its vintage look. 6 coats of spray-on Min-Wax... More