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DIY Wire Spool Wooden Stool With Upholstery

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve already seen a lots of original stools that you can make with your hands but today’s tutorial is super creative as Mabeyshemadeit blog offers to make a stool of wire spools! You’ll need 2 wire spools, pliers, wood stain, clear coat, a stapler and staples, foam, an electric... More

Small DIY Hanging Bathroom Shelf

If you want to make an easy and quick bathroom shelf, this tutorial is right what you need. Atilio blog shared a wonderful and super easy idea of a small yet functional bathroom shelf to make, and it doesn’t require any special skills.The supplies are a drill, scissors, a plank, rope, two hooks and four wooden beads. Cut the... More

DIY Photo Decoupage Renovation Of An Old Sideboard

If you have some old furniture and want to refresh it, there’s a great crafty idea. The supplies are a blue print copy of a photo you love, scrap paper, Royal Coat Decoupage Finish, foam brushes and an X-Acto knife. First, create a pattern for your furniture piece onto scrap paper. Use this pattern to cut your blue print... More

15 Trendy DIY Color Block Crafts For Home Décor

Color blocking is an extremely popular trend, you can see it everywhere from home décor to weddings. We’ve rounded up the coolest color blocking tutorials of furniture and décor pieces to make your home super trendy in just a few steps! Color blocking is super easy: just choose some color that you love and buy paint or... More

16 Rustic DIY Pallet Furniture Pieces To Make

Pallets have always been an awesome material for crafting anything you want: a piece of furniture, a headboard, some decorations. A pallet usually has a great shape to become a base of some furniture piece, so you won’t have to remodel it a lot. A big pallet can be easily turned into a coffee table or a dining table top, and... More

DIY Shabby Chic Vintage Dresser

Shabby chic furniture has its special charm, so let’s add a bit of beauty and chic to your interior with this dresser. Prepare a dresser, 6-8 wooden wine boxes, screws for attaching the wine box panels, 2 different paint colors, clear coat to fix the color, dresser knobs or handles, a jigsaw for cutting the wine box panels,... More

Cozy Shabby Chic DIY Drawer Shelf

Make a cozy corner in your living room with an old drawer shelf! If you don’t have an old drawer, browse thrift stores, your grandma’s house and you might find that old looking, skewed, half painted cozy drawer that will look good up on the wall. The supplies are an old drawer, a spirit level, 2 loop screws, 2 nails and a... More

Easy DIY Painted Metal Chair Renovation

If you have a couple of old metal chairs, it’s time to renovate them! The supplies are a chair, a sander, some paint of your choice, some bronze paint and tape. The first step is a huge cleanup and sanding. Get some paint that you like and start painting without touching the metal legs, except for removing cobwebs.  Tape off... More

Nature-Inspired DIY Birch Forest Coat Rack

Fall is in the air, and this simple coat rack is inspired by the lovely birch trees, made from found objects: branches and reclaimed fence wood. First step, clean and sand the fence wood. Create some tree trunk silhouette with masking tape. A quick sketch on a piece of paper can be helpful. Paint the trees white with acrylic or... More

DIY Mid-Century Modern-Inspired Drawer

Got an old drawer that you don’t like? Give it a new life changing it into a pretty mid-century-inspired piece! You’ll need a sander, primer, high-gloss enamel paint, wood and metal legs of your choice and tung oil. The instruction is pretty easy: sand it all over, then sand off all the paint on the drawer. Then apply 2... More