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7 Rustic DIY Stump Coffee Tables And Stools

Stumps are a fantastic material for rustic creations! I think that in spring such a piece is actual more than ever. So, what can you make of a stump? The options are endless: planters, vases, candleholders, bedside and coffee tables, stools and so on. Let’s have a look at the stools and coffee tables that you can easily make.... More

8 Creative DIY Coat Hangers For Your Entryway

Where do you hang your coats and maybe handbags? If you want to make a cool coat hanger without wasting much money or applying many skills, you’ll love this tutorial! Got some driftwood? Use it for a coat hanger! Just attach some hooks and voila! Wooden poles can also compose a cool coat hanger – just attach them to one... More

11 Cool DIY Entry Benches And Footstools

We’ve just told you about entry doormats, so now let’s talk about the furniture that you want to see in your hallway. First of all, it’s a bench where you can sit to put on your shoes or booties, and maybe store some things. There are many ways to make one, starting from an old coffee table renovation to an old door... More

Easy DIY Bedside Table Makeover

If you’ve got a plain bedside table and want to renovate it somehow, you’ll like this tutorial! You’ll need gold liquid paint or golden spray, a brush, classic knobs, sandpaper, thumbtacks, application of ” L ”, a screwdriver, a ruler and marker, a hammer. Sand and clean the surfaces to be painted the knobs and ”... More

7 DIY Ways To Hide A Pet Litter Box

If you have a cat, it definitely needs a litter box but how can you hide it to save your space design? There are some easy ways to do that, and the first one is to renovate some furniture piece – choose an IKEA piece of the proper size, make an entrance and put the kitty loo inside. In case you don’t want to use a furniture... More

DIY Chevron Pouf And Dog Bed In One

If you want to have a new pouf with a cool pattern, this tutorial is for you! The supplies are some fabric, a zipper, scissors and a sewing machine. Take your fabric and fold it horizontal once. Measure how big you would like your top and bottom piece to be. Fold the remaining fabric longitude. Cut on the fold going side to... More

DIY Copper And Pine Magazine Rack

This magazine rack is so elegant and amazingly-looking that it looks like a true designer piece! It’s all about leather and copper love – a very stylish combination of materials, as they both look luxurious and just mean style. To make it you’ll need pine sticks  - 2 sticks of 20 cm, 4 sticks of 30 cm and 2 sticks of 40... More

10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

Wood is the most popular material for crafts, and you needn’t use natural wood, some plywood or a wine crate is sufficient to create a cool piece. So, what about making a wooden nightstand for your bedroom? A nightstand can be easily made of some pallets, wine crates or plywood that you have at hand. If you have a ready... More

8 Cute DIY Women Nightstands

A nightstand is a necessary thing for every bedroom, it’s a place to put your books, glasses, laptop, lamp, a glass of water and so one. Should a nightstand look universal? I don’t see anything bad in personalizing it, especially for a girl. Then, how can a girlish nightstand look like? There are hundreds of ideas! Paint it... More

Rustic DIY Nightstand Of Wood

A nightstand is a necessary thing in every bedroom, even the smallest one. So, how about a rustic DIY nightstand? The supplies are 1 4×8 sheet of 3/4″ hardwood plywood ripped into 16″ boards, 1 – 1 x 2 x 8 pine board, 2 – 1 x 4 x 8 pine board, 1/4″ hardwood plywood for the back. Use a miter saw to make from the 16″... More