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DIY Rustic End Table From Tree Stump Slice

Tree stumps can be a great source of inspiration and material for crafts, today we gonna make this tree stump end table from ehow.com. The supplies are a tree stump slice, a broom, a hand planer, a palm sander, medium-grit sandpaper, hairpin legs, 9 wood screws, #10 1-inch, a screwdriver, a wood stabilizer, a paintbrush,... More

Trendy DIY Concrete Stool In Black

Concrete is a big trend in interior design and decorating because of its industrial feel. The easiest way to introduce this trend in your home is by adding concrete elements, for example a stool. To make this one from sheknows.com you’ll need a plastic bucket, a bag of concrete mix, 3 same size stool legs, optional: Paint... More

8 Stylish And Cool DIY Shabby Chic Desks

Shabby chic style is extremely popular now, and everyone is trying to add a bit of chic to his or her interiors. We continue telling you how to make various furniture pieces in this style, and today’s roundup is dedicated to desks. Start making a desk, you can find some tutorial desks here. If you have a ready one, then... More

6 Beautiful DIY Shabby Chic Dressers And Sideboards

Shabby chic style is a very beautiful vintage-inspired one, it is getting more and more trendy. Today I’d like to inspire you with some shabby chic dressers and sideboards that will look just amazing in various spaces. You need to find a dresser or a sideboard – an old or new one that you like, and then paint it with some... More

DIY Ladder Shelf Perfect For Small Spaces

A ladder can become a great storage space, which is especially cool for a tight space, so let’s have a look at this cool tutorial from burkatron.com. After you have decided what height and width you’d like your ladder cut 2 legs and as many rungs as you need from your lengths of wood. Now you’ll want the legs to... More

Stylish DIY Tropical Leaf Side Table

Summer is high time to rock some creative summer and tropical-inspired items, so today we are sharing a tropical leaf table project from curbly.com. Prepare plywood, a pencil, a scroll saw, handheld jig saw, or coping saw, sandpaper, table legs and hardware, spray paint, spray lacquer, a screwdriver. Begin sketching out your... More

Industrial-Inspired DIY Burlap Coffee Bag Ottoman

Can an ottoman be industrial? Sure! Just make it from burlap coffee bags like in this tutorial from apieceofrainbow.com! You’ll need one standard 28″ x 40″ burlap coffee bean bag, a large-eye yarn needle, and multicolored yarn, scissors, and some kind of tape measure. Remove the stitches from the bottom and the side of... More

6 Cute DIY Shabby Chic Shelves And Racks

Shabby chic style is gaining popularity because it looks romantic and vintage yet doesn’t cost a pretty penny. Today we’ve rounded up some cool shabby chic shelves that you can easily make for your home. The key to this style is giving the furniture not a polished but a little bit worn look. Make some rustic or... More

Super Quick And Easy DIY Trellis Clothes Rack

Today we are going to make a rack of a trellis, and the main benefit of using a storage system closer to something you’re more likely to see out in the garden with your BBQ, is its shape and mobility. This is a project from fallfordiy.com and the supplies are strip wood and wood glue. Measure and cut your strip wood. Here... More

8 Creative DIY Wardrobes For Every Space

When a dresser isn’t enough to store all your clothes, you need a walk-in closet or at least a good wardrobe, that’s why today I’ve rounded up a couple of awesome DIY ideas. You can take some cute dresser (for example, from IKEA), add some shelves and voila! Another way to do that is to use some pipes and build a frame... More