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DIY IKEA Kallax Shelf To Table Hack

IKEA hacks are very popular because IKEA furniture is like canvas for painting pictures. For this hack you’ll need 2 Kallax shelving units, assembled with the hanging brackets set aside, 58″ by 33″ inch piece of plywood, 8 long screws, no odor polyurethane, a power drill. Make sure your 2 Kallax shelves are fully... More

Cheerful And Colorful DIY Bar Cart Makeover

A bar cart is a necessary piece at every party, and today we offer you to easily renovate an old one. You’ll need a tea cart/bar cart, a screwdriver, spray paint and Kyrlon clear coat. Take apart what you can on your cart or tape off specific pieces if you’re painting more than one color. Spray 1-2 coats of paint, waiting... More

How To Upholster And Paint A Coffee Table

Continuing the theme of renovating old furniture, we’d like to tell you about turning a coffee table into a ottoman. Stripping old paint off an old furniture piece is crucial, and should be complete to achieve a long-lasting new finish. Cleaning the entire piece with wood stripper, will bring out the beautiful natural wood... More

10 DIY Super Easy Upholstery Painting Projects

Renovating furniture is so cool and develops your creativity! We’ve already told you of various projects to renovate different pieces, and the easiest way is to paint them. But what about painting upholstered furniture? Crazy? No! This is the easiest idea to renovate any piece with upholstery – no changing fabric, nothing!... More

DIY Space-Saving Console Table

This cool console table won’t take much space and is so coastal with its light aqua color! Prepare 1x12x8 white pine, 1x3x8 white pine,  pre-made 29″ leg posts- 2.25″ block tops, 1.25″ and 2″ screws, stain or paint (here it’s aqua paint). Using a circular saw cut the 1x12x8 to 60″, then cut the 1x3x8 pieces into... More

11 Awesome DIY Hammocks To Make Yourself

What can be better in summer than relaxing outdoors in a hammock? If you still don’t have one, this roundup is for you! The main thing here is to choose a blanket that is durable and suitable for outdoors, and then you’ll have to hang it using some metal ware. You can decorate the blanket as yoy like, for example dye it or... More

DIY Outdoor Cedar Bench With Planters

Now, in summer, furniture for outdoors is popular more than ever, and we are looking forward to share a cool outdoor bench tutorial with you! It’s not only a seating but also a decorative piece with space for planters. First, the list of the tutorial, you’ll need 15 cedar 2×4′s, 6 cedar 1×6′s,... More

DIY Outdoor Bar Cart Of A Laundry Sorter

A bar cart is a necessary thing for any summer party, so let’s make one of an old laundry sorter! Take the bag off and dust the base off, give it a coat of navy blue spray paint (or any other color you prefer). Cut the wood to size and give it several coats of primer. Create a frame out of 1 x 2′s and prime it. Lay the... More

14 Cool DIY Dining Table Makeovers

There’s no home without a dining table! That’s why today we’ll renovate your old dining table using various methods. There are different ways to do that: painting, distressing, staining, stenciling and you can also mix these ideas to get your own personalized table. So, the easiest idea is to take some paint you prefer... More

Industrial DIY Pallet Dining Table

Pallets are a great material for crafting, it’s green, easy to upcycle and looks rather industrial. So today we will make a dining table of them, you’ll need a large pallet, a sander, sanding paper, varnish, a paintbrush or cloth for varnish application, table legs, screws and nails. Clean the entire pallet before you start... More