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DIY Blue Cinderella Butterfly Pumpkin

Wanna create a super cool pumpkin like no other? The supplies are a craft pumpkin, rustoleum spray paint in Oasis Blue, recollections fine glitter in Peacock blue, Mod Podge, Heidi Swapp Minc 3D Butterflies, assorted cardstock, hot glue. Spray paint your pumpkin with a few even coats of Rustoleum Oasis Blue. Once it’s... More

Quick DIY Fall Wreath From The Dollar Store

We’ve shared a lot of fall wreaths tutorials, and here’s one more quick version. The supplies are 10″ grapevine wreath, dollar store faux maple bushes, berries, and branches, a wire cutter tool, real magnolia leaves, a piece of burlap to hang your wreath. Separate the bushes, and cut off each branch so you can nicely... More

Creative And Fun DIY Brown Paper Pumpkin

We’ve already told you of creative pumpkins, and here’s one more idea, this time with brown paper. The supplies are FloraCraft® Desert Foam, a roll of brown paper, a hot glue gun, scissors, a small wood stick, FloraCraft®  Foam Tools. Cut a small part of the ball off with your cutting tool. Cut lots of  0.5-inch pieces... More

10 DIY Pumpkin Stands For Displaying Various Objects

A pumpkin stand is a cool piece for displaying and decorating in the fall: you can place it on your porch and put pumpkins inside, or candies for guests, or put it indoors and also fill with some yummies for your family and friends coming. How can you make one? Just grab a pack of wooden planks and design a pumpkin of them; you... More

14 DIY Wooden Pumpkins For Fall And Thanksgiving

Got a couple of pieces of wood? Turn them into cool pumpkins! Cut a slice and give it a pumpkin look using paints and lacquer. There are also more creative variants like pumpkins made of stacked wood – they are just stylized with paints or shapes. If you make them in pumpkins shape, you can apint them in some cool ways and go... More

Simple DIY Geometric Wooden Pumpkin

The pumpkin season is on, and it will continue for several months more, so a cool pumpkin art is right what you need. To make this one prepare a wooden pumpkin, a ruler with 60° line, a pencil, frog tape, craft paint, a paint brush. Using a pencil, draw horizontal lines across your pumpkin (or whatever you’re triangle-ing).... More

10 DIY Faux Vegetables And Fruit Wreaths For Fall

Need an eye-catching and durable wreath for your front door? Go to the shop and get some faux veggies and fruits! Faux pumpkins are the most popular pieces, but you can also buy gourds, pears, apples, squashes, grapes, plums, pomegranates. Take a wreath form and just glue the fruits and veggies to it. To achieve a sugared look... More

11 DIY Wheat Wreaths For Fall And Thanksgiving

Wheat is one of the symbols of harvest, it’s so cool and sun-colored that it will give any space a comfy and cozy look for sure. A wheat wreath is an awesome decoration both for fall and Thanksgiving, and it’s preatty easy to make. Just take a wreath form that you like and attach wheat spikes in some way – glue, secure... More

13 DIY Fall Candle Centerpieces To Bring Warmth In

Candles are perfect for creating an atmosphere, to turn any space into a cozy and warm one – and that’s what we often lack in the fall. Create a fall centerpiece with candles and make your meal a cozy one! The idea is really simple to realize: just take candleholders of your choice and decorate them with leaves, nuts,... More

12 Bold And Eye-Catching DIY Leaf Wreaths For Fall Decor

We’ve been sharing a lot of fall decor ideas lately but we’ve missed the most natural thing in fall decor – fall leaves! That’s why today i’m going to correct this mistake and tell you about fall leaf wreaths. We all know that natural leaves are hard to preserve, so we can substitute them with fabric, tin, cardboard... More

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