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DIY Industrial Sawhorse Desk To Make

Need a cool industrial desk? Look at this idea from KleinWorthCo! Prepare boards: 2 – 12″ wide & 6′ long and 1 -10″ wide same length. Cut the boards to the length you want and then distress them a little. Then add stain – painting on and then rubbing off with a paper towel. Let dry for a couple days and then add... More

7 DIY Industrial Desks You Can Make

A desk is a necessary furniture piece in any home – to study, work, sign up some documents and so on. Continuing the industrial theme, I’ve rounded up several cool industrial desks for you to make. What are the most industrial materials? Pipes and concrete, of course! That’s why in all of these projects the legs or the... More

9 Cool And Easy DIY Desk Makeovers

Got an old desk to revamp? Here we are with a list of ideas! Sand your old desk and paint it the color you like, or maybe distress as distressed décor is extremely popular today. You can also use stencils for easier décor. Got washi tape or old wallpapers? Take them and decorate your old desk to give it a new life! Another... More

5 DIY Reclaimed Wood Desks For Your Home Office

If you’re interested in a practical and beautiful desk for your home office but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it then you should make one. Reclaimed wood is a great material for such project. Such wood has good quality and some history behind it. Combined with some storage units a desk made of reclaimed wood... More

Very Functional Cheap DIY Standing Desk

Some time ago we showed you a practical $30 standing desk that Apartment Therapy shared. Today I found that they recently shared even more functional but quite similar desk. It’s made of an IKEA kitchen bench cut to the right size and an another IKEA board that hides external HDDs and all cords. There aren’t much... More

How To Make A Very Practical Standing Desk For $30

When it comes to standing desks there aren’t cheap products on the market. That’s why a DIY standing desk is sometimes an only option. If you’re working with a computer at home then you probably already know why standing desks are so good. This project shows how you can turn an IKEA’s NORBO wall-mounted... More

DIY Children’s Art Desk From A Cupboard Door

Children’s art desk is a great thing to have if your space is small. It’s a perfect organizer of all these markers and pencils. The desks on the pictures are made of two cupboard doors and features a hidden space for art inside of them. The main door of each desk has a hinge so it can be opened by a kid. Even though... More

Large DIY Desk Made Of Wood Pallets That Reminds A Farm Table

This desk is one of the biggest and coolest furniture objects made of wood pallets I’ve seen so far. It’s rustic and LONG. It measuring at 12 feet but looks quite proportional. Warm woods against black accents create a pretty cozy home office environment. The desk is made of oak pallets, cedar planks and some other... More

Cute DIY Mini Laptop Desk

We already wrote about various DIY desks but this one definitely worth a mention too. It’s designed to support a laptop and occupy very small amount of space by the wall. Besides it can be painted in any vivid color you like so your home office area can become really cool and bright. The whole project will cost you from... More

DIY Chalkboard Kids Desk

There are many desks for teens on the market but there aren’t as many desks for smaller kids. Those that you can find are usually quite simple but you can upgrade such desk using chalkboard paint. On the pictures is a renovated desk bought for $1. A perfect square on top was taped and the black chalkboard paint applied on... More