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11 Simple And Cool DIY Fall Buntings And Banners

Fall is here and you need some cool decorations to welcome it. Today i’ sharing some fall banners and buntings tutorials that are easy to make and won’t take much time. Such piece are usually made of fabric or cardboard, so prepare some and choose a design you like. Pumpkins, apples and corn are on top for designing such an... More

Colorful DIY Scrap Wood Appples For Fall Decor

Need a couple of apples for fall decor? Make these ones from wood! Prepare wood blocks cut from a 2×4, acrylic paint, glue, twigs, colored twine, sand paper. Prepare the wood and cut the branches for little apple stems. Sand off the rough edges, and glue the stems to the wood blocks with a little glue. Use apple green for... More

Original And Aromatic DIY Sliced Citrus Mobile

This simple DIY is a great way to use your citruses and get a pleasant and stylish piece for decor, which is also very original. For this citrus mobile you’ll need your choice of citrus fruit, a  paper towel, baking paper, a sharp knife and baking sheets. Preheat your oven to 120 degrees Celsius and wash and dry your fruit.... More

DIY Stained Serving Tray With A Bowl Rest

This cute food serving tray will be great for serving breakfast in bed. The supplies are an unfinished wooden plaque with circle, 1’’ wooden blocks, wood glue, wood stain, extra fine sand paper, spray food safe shellac, a foam brush. The wooden board comes relatively sanded, but we wanted it to be extra smooth so there are... More

Feel The Fall Spirit: 6 DIY Apple Wreaths

If you ask me, I’d say that apples for me are one of the symbols of fall. Why not include them into your fall outdoor and indoor decor? Take a bunch of fresh apples and go making a cool fall wreath! You can take a usual twig wreath and just attach real apples to it – but take juicy red or green ones for a better look. Mix... More

Original DIY Shibori Indigo Wall Hanging

Wall hangings are a great and easy way to make a statement, and today we are sharing a tutorial from aliceandlois.com. to make this shibori wall hanging you’ll need an indigo tie dye kit, 2- 5 gallon buckets, binder clips, clothespins, rubber bands, wood blocks or tiles, rubber gloves, drop cloth or trash bags, scissors, a... More

DIY Super Easy Watercolor Gem Art Piece

Watercolor decor is dreamy, charming and very eye-catching. Today we are sharing a cool yet easy gem art in this technique. The supplies are watercolor paper, a watercolor paint set, stencil tape, patterning tape and a paint brush. Using patterning tape, lay out the basic shape for your watercolor gem. Read the instructions... More

Cute DIY Little Crochet Pumpkin Garland

Let’s welcome autumn with this tutorial from mamainastitch.com, guys! Prepare orange yarn, small amount of green worsted weight yarn, size F crochet hook, a tapestry needle to weave in ends. The little pumpkins are worked in the round. If you’ve never worked in the round, you may want to look up a YouTube video on how... More

DIY Dalmatian Print Accent Fabric Wall

Making an accent wall is a super cool trend to make your space more eye-catching. Today we are sharing an awesome tutorial from petitepartystudio.com to make a Dalmatian print fabric wall. Prepare a paint tray, a paint roller, fabric, an exacto or utility knife, a sponge, drop cloth, painters tape or tacks, scissors and liquid... More

Easy And Dreamy La Lune Fabric Wall Art

This moon-inspired wall art is great or making yourself or even with your kids to spend a good time together. The supplies are a sheet of paper, some fabric, a sponge, water, watercolor paints, fabric, glue and a piece of wood to hang it. Print the moon using your computer and then transfer it onto the fabric piece. Take your... More

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