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12 Soft And Cozy DIY Pompom Christmas Decorations

I love pompoms because they make any space warmer and softer, that’s why I’ve decided to share some amazing pompom tutorials for those of you who are already preparing for Christmas. Pompoms are perfect and easy for any type of craft: a garland, a wreath, gift wraps and toppers, ornaments and even pillows. Grab a pile of... More

Easy DIY Faux Birch Rustic Place Mat

This fantastic rustic birch placemat will be perfect for any type of family dinner, including Christmas. Prepare birch wrapping paper, some leftover felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Speaking about felt, here it was a 14.5″x18″ rectangle but you can go for any size you like. Glue the felt to the backside of the... More

9 DIY White Clay Christmas Ornaments To Try

I love crafting with white clay! It’s kinda making cookies and adding patterns to them but such a piece will last longer. Roll the clay thick enough not to break and take cookie cutters to cut curious shapes. To make various patterns you can take cable knit, doilies, leaves, herbs and other things you like and just press them... More

DIY Mini Mountain Paintings For Easy Home Decor

This project is dedicated to filling the plain walls, and it’s the best way for those who love painting. After you find a landscape photo you’d like to paint, follow these steps. Don’t worry about painting it perfectly, the less neatly you paint the better it will look! Paint the sky a light color (add swirls of... More

DIY Wooden Wall Hanging For Home Decor

This wooden wall hanging is a nice idea to fill a plain wall. Prepare 34 large wood craft sticks, craft paint in a couple of colours, wool felt approximately ” x “, wooden dowel, string, hot glue, a utility knife. Paint a few craft sticks in the colours you have chosen. Use an utility knife and straight edge to cut... More

DIY Faux Taxidermy Ornaments To Make With Kids

These fun Christmas ornaments are perfect to make with kids! Prepare plastic shopping bags, masking tape, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, scissors, glue, pipecleaners, a cereal box, wood slices and yarn. First, determine what kind of animal you are going to make. Start by forming a head shape with your plastic bag. You want to... More

13 Fun And Cheerful DIY Owl Crafts For Your Kids

Owls are so cute! These wise birds are in trend because they are nice and kind. Make a couple of cute owls for your kids and look at their happy faces! Of course, the first idea that comes to mind is an owl toy from plush or felt. If you have a baby, then a cool and soft owl mobile will be right what you need. Sew an owl... More

Simple DIY Geometric Wreath With Faux Greenery

These unusual wreaths will be a nice touch for any modern or minimalist space, they are very eye-catching and look like no other. Prepare wire wreath frames, metallic gold spray paint for metal surfaces, a hot glue gun, faux greenery, clear adhesive hooks. These project is two easy steps: first, spray paint the wire frames gold... More

DIY Floating Fall Leaves Garland For Home Decor

Fall leaves are an affordable and cool material to use for fall and Thanksgiving crafts. Let’s make an easy garland! The supplies are 12-15 leaves, copper spray paint, wall tacks, fishing line or clear thread, scissors and measuring tape. Place leaves in a well-ventilated area and lightly coat with a layer of spray paint.... More

Easy And Quick DIY Blue Mountains Paper Mobile

Need an art piece for a plain wall? Here it is! The supplies are white paper, blue acrylic paint, water in a metallic bowl, black paper, string, a branch and washi tape. Put a little of the acrylic paint into the water bowl and stir well. Cut triangles out of the white paper and dip them into the colored water. Do this several... More

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