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DIY Etched Glass Water Bottles

Etching bottles can make them cool and eye-catching, they are great for any table and party. So let’s take a couple of bottle that you don’t need and sticky back plastic, a stencil design, washi tape, a craft mat and knife, etching cream and a stencil brush. Use your craft knife and a firm pressure to carefully cut out the... More

12 DIY Tiki Torches And Bug Repellent Lanterns

We’ve just told you about bug repellent candles for you to spend time outdoors with pleasure, and today we continue the bug-protection topic with tiki torches and bug repellent lanterns that will not only protect you from insects but also will add a cozy touch to your outdoor décor. Lanterns are mostly made of mason jars... More

Amazing DIY Kitchen EAT Sign

Signs are very popular for décor today, we make them for home decor, for parties and special events like weddings. Today let’s make an easy one for your kitchen! Check out this easy craft tutorial for your very own EAT kitchen sign from Dwell Beautiful! It takes just minutes and will look fantastic in your... More

Patriotic 4th Of July DIY Balloons

The Independence Day is very soon and it’s time to make decorations and party gifts! These funny balloons will be a cool decoration or just bring some fun to your kids. You’ll need clear helium-quality latex balloons, a helium tank, foam glitter star stickers, red white and blue fringe and baker’s twine or string.... More

Cool DIY Trash Can Plant Stand

Need a cool and original plant stand? That’s so easy! Take black and white striped trim, a trash can and tape. Get 6 yards of black and white trim, spiral it around the trash can, using tape to hold it in place. Use chalk to mark on the can where the trim should be placed, as a guide for when you’ll glue it on later. ... More

16 DIY Chevron Projects For Home Décor

Chevron pattern is a classic one, it mixes well with bold colors and helps to make a cool geometric statement, which is ideal for modern, rustic and glam interiors. You can make several crafts for your home décor with this pattern, for example, wall art, a pinboard, a jewelry display or mason jar vase attached to the wall.... More

9 Extremely Easy Duct Tape DIYs For Home Décor

Duct tape is great not only for attaching something, you won’t believe it but it’s amazing for home décor! Decorating with it is even easier than dipping, you just need some fun tape of the colors and patterns you prefer. No skills are required, and you can easily make these crafts with your kids or just leave it to them.... More

DIY Braided Mirror For Coastal Decor

Wanna create cute coastal décor easily? Take small mirrors in various shapes and sizes, cotton cording, hot glue gun and glue sticks, painter’s tape or washi tape. Cut three pieces of cord that are the same exact length – each measuring approximately 1.5 times the diameter of the mirror you are using. Next, knot... More

12 DIY Summer Party Garlands

We’ve just told you of party banners and backgrounds, and today it’s all about garlands – the easiest and the most popular way of decorating any event. As it’s summer, you can just gather fresh flowers and make a garland of them. Got lots of colorful napkins? Make an easy garland of them! Ice-cream and pizza garlands... More

Quick DIY Rattan Basket Makeover

If you have a rattan basket, you can decorate it so that it would become eye-catching and cool for décor! You’ll need a basket, white and yellow acrylic paints, a brush. Wash your basket with soapy water (dish detergent used and hot water); leave it to dry. Dilute the with a little water, and using a wide paintbrush apply... More