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19 DIY Coat Racks And Hooks For Every Space

It’s fall and rather chill outside, sometimes it’s raining. I’m sure that all of you have already taken out your coats and maybe even scarves. Storing them can be a pain as not every hallway has enough space for it. We offer you a whole roundup of DIY coat racks and hooks for every space and every style. Industrial style... More

DIY Industrial Concrete And Broomstick Coat Tree

This cool industrial coat rack won’t take much time or materials and looks very original! It’s not typical and great for any modern or industrial hallway. You’ll need just 5 broomsticks and a bag of redi-mix concrete. For this base, 30 pounds (or half of a 60 pound bag) was used. Mix the concrete with water. Place the... More

Cool DIY Coat Rack For Maximizing Closet Space

If you don’t have enough space for all the clothes you love, you can make a rolling clothes rack. You’ll need several pipes of different sizes, floor phalange, a long board, rods and castors. Assemble the main frame of your pipe, leaving one side open so that you can slide your drying rack frame onto the pipe. Now assemble... More

5 Ideas To Make Wall Hooks From Faucets

If you’re searching for ideas showing how to make unique and cool wall hooks you came into the right place. I’ve gathered for you several tutorials showing how to make them of faucets and faucet handles. Most of these wall hooks are combined into coat, swimsuit, and towel racks. They are mounted on boards and... More

DIY Rustic Wooden Coat Hanger

Are you a person who like natural materials? If so, then don’t hesitate to try this project out. You’ll get a natural looking wooden rusttic coat hanger for your hallway. To make it you’ll need: 3 wooden poles, 10 screws, leather thread, screwdriver, saw and a couple of hooks. Visit emmas blog for full... More

DIY Rough-Looking Coat Hanger

Here is a simply idea to make a rustic rough-looking coat hanger from tree branches and recycled wood. Such hanger won’t cost you anything but it can become a great part of your hallway decor. I can bet you don’t even need instructions for this project because pictures tell everything about it. In case you liked the... More

Colorful DIY Coat Rack From A Wood Pallet

Once again I found a cool project that won’t cost much because the main material for it is a wood pallet. It’s a colorful coat rack that would make your hallway decor more cool and fun. Besides coats it would be able to accomodate small bags, hats, scarves and a lot of other stuff. For the project you’ll need... More

How To Practically Reuse Old Doornobs

DIY Retro Key Holder

This cool project can be done if you have several old doorknobs and dead bolts lying around. Besides them you just need a scrap of wood to make a cool key holder/coat rack. In the holder done by Kara and her husband Tim, they used router to remove some wood so the knobs could sit flush. After that they drilled several holes and... More

DIY Painted Coat Rack

Painted coat rack is an interesting and creative solution for any hallway. Besides it’s cheap to make and can have a truly unique design. The base of such rack can be made as of MDF as of plywood. Materials and tools Ruler Pencil Compass Paper cutter Masking tape Brush Paint Furniture hooks Instructions Draw a... More

DIY Tree Coat Rack

Do you want to have an awesome coat rack at your hallway? If so then you should find a small, nice looking dead tree and make the rack from it. Such rack would be a really great accent decor object that all your guests won’t forget. Besides it will also serve you very well. Instructions Cut all branches from one side of... More