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17 Fabulous Gold Christmas DIYs For Home Décor

Gold is one of traditional Christmas colors, it really brings festive mood and fun. Make everything sparkle with these pretty gold decorations for Christmas. Gold leaf and glitter ornaments are the easiest and cutest ideas you can DIY. Gold garlands and wreaths are another simple way to create a festive atmosphere. Decorate... More

Awesome DIY Mason Jar Globes For Winter Decor

This craft is great not only for Christmas but also as a cool winter home decoration, so prepare the following things: assorted mason jars, plastic/coated ornaments, or faux flowers and garland, old fashioned glitter or snow confetti, hot glue, liquid glycerin and distilled water. Glue the ornamentation to the inside of the jar... More

DIY 3D-Looking Himmeli Wreath

Remember the himmeli ornaments we’ve recently told you about? Here’s a himmeli wreath to complete the décor. You’ll need about 100 coffee straws, gold floral wire, gold spray paint, wire clippers. Start by threading a long piece of wire through three straws. Bend wire and straws to form a triangle and secure and the top.... More

Pretty DIY Embossed Clay Star Decorations

There are many ideas to make a Christmas ornament of clay but these ones are special because they have a fabric pattern, a very non-typical thing. The supplies are air drying clay, a rolling pin, cable knit, a star shaped cookie cutter, sandpaper, some ribbon or string. Start by rolling out your air hardening clay evenly to... More

DIY Monogrammed Ornament Gift Tags

We’ve already told you of various cool gift tags for Christmas, and here’s one pretty simple but genial idea. You’ll need plain ornaments, gold leafing sheets, a gold leaf adhesive pen, ribbon. Using your adhesive pen, write your letter or message on a bulb and let it dry for five minutes. Next, place a gold leafing sheet... More

7 Awesome Jingle Bells Crafts For Christmas

Jingle bells are so typical for Christmas! They make you think of it anywhere and at any time. Let’s look at some inspiring jingle bells crafts that you can easily make yourself gaining that festive mood. Jingle bells jewelry is on top for a cheerful party – you’ll be in trend! A necklace or a bracelet with these amazing... More

Fashionable DIY Christmas Metallic Garland

Metallic pieces are very popular today, it’s a fashionable trend. Why not make some Christmas decoration taking it into consideration? For a metallic garland you’ll need gold metallic twine and mini – shatterproof bulbs of the colors you like. Thread each bulb and tie to twine. Continue threading bulbs and tying onto... More

Awesome DIY Cookie Decor By Natasha Tasic

Could you imagine that DIY cookie decorating may become an art? Natasha Tasic, a gifted cookie artist, creates amazing cookie designs with chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon, – delicious and beautiful, isn’t that awesome? The themes for Natasha’s works are different: various holidays, cartoon characters, vintage... More

19 DIY Snowflakes, Snowballs and Snowmen Crafts For Your Home

Winter is the time of snow, amazing sparkling snowflakes that are not like any other, funny snowmen made by kids and snowballs that we all like to play. Here are some cool DIY ideas to decorate your home with snowflakes, snowballs and snowmen and to highlight the winter atmosphere, charming, icy and cool! Felt ornaments are... More

Cool DIY Christmas Twig Star

Even very simple DIY decorations could make your home much more cooler for Christmas season. For example, this Christmas star made of twigs, some string and Christmas lights is really simple but it will looks gorgeous in any modern interior. Even if you aren’t really into Christmas decorations, this star could create some... More