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DIY Upcycled Sweater Hurricane Candleholder Wraps

A couple of hurricane candleholders can be given a cool fall touch with these wraps. The supplies are a vase, a sweater, scissors, pins, needle and thread, a pillar candle. Cut the sleeve from the sweater at the seam where it connects with the body. Turn it inside out. Slide the cut sleeve, inside out, over a clean vase until... More

DIY Industrial Lantern From Metal Clamps

This is a super easy and relatively inexpensive project to add some mood lighting to a porch or outdoor space, thanks to babybugjournals.com. The supplies are 6″ metal clamps, 4″ duct cap, S-Hooks, 4′ section of chain link, candles. Take 3 metal clamps and do your best to fit them together into a circle shape.... More

DIY Mini Lanterns For Christmas Decor

Mini jar lanterns are great idea for coming festive season, so if you want to light up your house a bit for Christmas this project is definitely for you. You’ll need mini jars, twine, washi tape and tealights. Following the pictures attach the twine around jar neck and make a loop of it. Make sure the loop isn’t too... More

Quick And Easy DIY Snowflake Luminaries

Simple luminaries are amazing for creating a festive mood and easy to make. Prepare metallic cardstock, a gluestick or hot glue, 1 sheet printed vellum paper, Cricut Explore™, Cricut Design Space™, Cricut Scoring Pen, Snowflake M38991 from the Winter Lace Cartridge found in Cricut Design Space™, Bag # M396E from Plantin... More

DIY Dimensional Flower Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are amazing for home and festive décor, you don’t need special skills or expensive materials to make them. You’ll need glass with straight sides, white paper or cardstock, vellum paper, an X-acto knife, double sided tape, candles. Download the free templates from the source and adjust them to the size of... More

11 DIY Bug Repellent Candles To Keep Insects Away

Planning an outdoor party? Or just like to stay outdoors and enjoy fresh air? Then you need to keep mosquitoes away not to get bitten! An easy and cool way to do that is to make bug repellent candles, which are not only great to keep the bugs away but also great for décor. The main component for such candles is citronella oil,... More

Cozy DIY Camp Mug Candle

Candles are always to the point but during cold seasons especially. They bring warmth and coziness to the space, and the design of the candle is also important. To make a cozy camp mug candle you’ll need a camp mug, candle wax, string, a button, a pencil, campfire fragrance oil. Thread your string through the two holes of the... More

DIY Hanging Lanterns With Candles

Hanging candles are very popular for indoors and outdoors – these are perfect lanterns, romantic and simple to make. You can easily make ones, you’ll need knitting yarn/sturdy thin rope, jam glasses, candles. Cut your rope into pieces, tie all the pieces into a knot. Pull tight and separate the rope pieces into pairs. Take... More

DIY Beach-Inspired Candle Lantern

Beaches and sea – that’s what inspire us these hot days! Let’s make a beach-inspired candle lantern, the supplies are a mason jar, Americana Decoupage, broken seashells or faux rock vase filler, a brush, twine, painters tape. To make the jars apply a generous amount of decoupage glue on the mason jar, working in sections.... More

DIY Easter Egg Votive Holders

Let’s make a piece that would highlight cozy atmosphere of the cute family holiday like Easter. These pretty egg votive holders will look amazing on your Easter mantel and table. The supplies are 20 gauge aluminum wire, glass beads, chenille stems, candle and the end caps. Place your glass bead onto the wire and curl the... More

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