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DIY Hand-Stitched Laptop Sleeve Or Pouch

This simple sleeve can be used for carrying a laptop, magazines, books or anything else you can fit comfortably in a soft zippered pouch. You could easily swap in a different fabric or material to suit your style and budget, but the look is straight-forward and functional – exactly what you want from something you’ll be... More

6 Comfiest DIY iPad And Tablet Stands And Holders

Most of us today have a tablet of some kind, and you need not only a cover or case for it, sometimes we need a good stand to use it comfier. There are many designers’ holders but if you want something more budget-friendly, or more personalized, then why not to make it yourself? As a tablet is rather heavy, you can go for some... More

Industrial DIY Copper Pipe iPad Holder

If you have an iPad and need a holder for it, we’ve got a brilliant idea in industrial style. You’ll need 1/2 inch copper pipe, a tubing cutter, to fit 1/2 inch piping – two 90 degree elbows, 2 street elbows, 2 tees, 4 pipe caps. Make your cuts, they depend on your measurements, and the latter depend on the type of your... More

Easy And Cool DIY Linen Potholders

Potholders or coasters are an indispensable part of any kitchen. To make these pretty ones, cut two pieces of linen 9 inches by 9 inches and also two pieces of fusible batting, like this stuff or the fleece kind in the same dimensions. Iron one piece of batting onto each piece of linen. Put right sides together and pin around... More

DIY No Sew Fabric Covered Notebook

Don’t like sewing but still want a pretty fabric covered notebook? We are here to help you! Take a moleskin notebook, 1 x external fabric piece, 24cm x 18cm, 2 x internal fabric pieces, 14cm x 9cm each, fabric glue, scissors and a sewing machine & thread. Start gluing a hem of around 1/2 cm on all sides of the fabric... More

Cheerful Summer-Inspired DIY Fruit Coasters

These funny and juicy-looking coasters will remind you of summer and holidays! You’ll need round cork coasters, acrylic paints in different colors and paint brushes. For the 3 fruits here (watermelon, kiwi fruit and orange), the colors are Light Green, Cadmium Yellow, Rose Red, White and Black. Do the color mixes to get the... More

Fun And Simple DIY Text Pillow Cases

If you have a couple of simple pillow cases and want to update them somehow, here’s a fun idea! You’ll need iron on printer paper, pillow cases, an iron and a printer. First, create your text in Photoshop. If you have a drawing tablet available to use you could always use your own handwriting. Because it’s a transfer you... More

DIY Hexagon Marble Cake Or Cheese Stand

Geometric décor continues to conquer the world, and today we’ll make a pretty piece for parties, it’s a hexagon cake stand. Prepare a 10″ hexagon tile, a chunky pillar candle holder, heavy-duty glue or epoxy, a pencil and ruler. With the tile upside-down, use the ruler to find the center, then trace the candle holder so... More

DIY Maple Leaf Cork Coasters

Fall is here, even if you live in one of the southern regions. It’s high time that we made some pretty accessories to welcome autumn! Today we’ll make these fun maple leaf coasters, you’ll need red and orange paints, round cork coasters, round sponge brush, varathane polyurethane spray, and a maple leaf cut-out or any... More

Pretty DIY Wood Hexagon Coasters

Do you need a couple of cool coasters? We’ve got a great idea for you! Let’s start with this piece of wood and sand it well if it’s rough. Use a sliding T bevel to figure out the angles on the hexagon coasters.  You can also kick it old school with a protractor and straight edge – or bust out some high school... More