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Chic DIY Trash Can Makeover

Everyone has a trash can at home, or maybe several ones. Are they pretty? If they are not, why not to renovate the cans so that they would look stylish? The supplies are a gold leaf, mod podge, snake print wrapping paper. Tape the numbers off a few times and re-paint to make sure that there wasn’t any bleeding from white... More

Pretty Girlish DIY Rosette Lampshade

This pretty lampshade will be a cool idea for a girlish bedroom, so prepare cotton fabric, cut into 2″ wide strips at varying lengths, hot glue gun and glue sticks, a sewing machine and coordinating thread. Sew down the center of each strip, using the longest stitch on your sewing machine. Pull one of the threads on each... More

10 Simple And Cute DIY Entryway Doormats

A doormat is a necessary thing for every home not to take much dirt home. But you can also continue your home décor or make an accent with it making it of the materials you like and with patterns you prefer. So, what are the variants? You can make a geometric, polka dot mat using fabric paints and a simple mat. A space... More

11 Awesome Spring Home Décor Crafts To Make

Spring décor is special – it’s refreshing, full of colors and flowers! Here are some cool crafts to make your home look spring-like. Vinyl is a good background for any art, so you can make a collage or an art piece – attach the details or words you consider meaningful and spring-inspired, choose vibrant colors. Make... More

Easy DIY Gold Hearts Decoration For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right round the corner but you still have time to make some decorations and gifts! To make this gold hearts decoration you’ll need gold spray paint, scrapbook paper, a frame and the Sweetart brand conversation hearts. Other brands of hearts are just stamped with ink and not actually indented into the... More

Rustic DIY Mini Pallet Coasters

Love pallets! They are ideal for different rustic crafts, and how about making a similar craft but a mini-version. For these mini pallet coasters you’ll need popsicle sticks, sharp scissors, a sponge brush, wood stain, cloth, gorilla/crazy glue, protective waterproof spray-optional. Cut the ends off of the popsicle sticks... More

8 Cool DIY Kitchen Backsplashes

A kitchen backsplash is a thing that every kitchen has but how can you easily design it? There are lots of ways! If you are looking for a rustic kitchen backsplash, make it of wood – of natural wood or just old pallets, that’s cheap and looks great. Wine corks can also comprise a fantastic kitchen backsplash and will give... More

DIY Faux Log Stack

For Christmas decorating your mantel is a very important thing, and don’t forget the fireplace itself! If your fireplace isn’t working, or you are not planning to use it – let’s make a faux log stack. You’ll need plywood cut to the dimensions of your fireplace, log slices 2-3 inches long, tightbond wood glue, black... More

DIY Lego Kleenex Box Cover

At home we all have tissues but how can you decorate the box so that it would suit your interior or just funny and bright? You’ll need a rectangular box of Kleenex, glossy acrylic craft paint in your choice of color, 1.5 inch wooden circles, a hot glue gun, pre-made rectangular Kleenex box cover, a piece of heavy duty... More

DIY Pumpkin Magnets Of Glass Rocks

Every fridge is decorated with magnets today! And as it’s Halloween soon, we offer to make some pumpkin magnets, the supplies are decorative paper, Mod Podge, glass rocks, a paint brush, a sharpie, magnets, wire or pipe cleaners, a hot glue gun & glue. Start by cutting or punching out circles that fit the glass rocks. To... More