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16 Bright And Cool DIY Bowls And Bowls Revamps

We’ve already told you of lots of jewelry bowls but what about refreshing your tableware for spring or even making new? Bright and fun bowls will help you to wake up during breakfast and will raise your mood, so let’s see how to decorate them. Got a couple of wooden bowls? Distress them to bring a shabby chic touch to your... More

DIY Lacy Nesting Bowls In Navy Color

These amazing bowls from WoodsOfbellTrees blog are perfect for jewelry storage, just for décor and as a ring dish for a wedding. Let’s get started! Press different areas of the lace shirt into the white Sculpey clay and bake for the recommended time and temperature. Once the clay finishes cooking, let it completely cool in... More

Quick DIY Golden Spiderweb Bowl

I know that you need more Halloween crafts for décor, and look what I’ve prepared today! The rufflesandtruffles.com blog shared a cool and easy Halloween spiderweb bowl to make, and the list of supplies is amazingly short! You’ll need just a plastic spiderweb bowl and gold spray paint (or any other color you prefer). After... More

Fun DIY Pineapple Gold Leaf Bowl

We’ve already told you of a pineapple planter, and here a bowl that’ll continue the theme. You’ll need a bowl in a pineapple shape, a gold leaf kit, 3 foam brushes, soft cotton cloth, paper and sharp scissors. If necessary, lightly sand the bowl and remove any stickers. Paint your bowl. Let dry completely, usually 24... More

DIY Distressed Salad Bowls To Make

We’ve already told you of some cool distressed décor items and furniture, and today we’ll continue the topic but now it’s all about tableware. For these distressed salad bowls take the bowls and use sand paper to rough up the finish of the wood. Rub clear candle wax all over the outside of the bowl. Paint applied to... More

DIY String Bowl For Home Decor

String is a great material for crafting but did you expect making a bowl of it? No? Have a look at this tutorial! The supplies are plastic wrap, a bowl, jute twine, Mod Podge, a foam brush or bristle brush, spray paint. First, wrap three layers of plastic wrap around a bowl.  I saw later that the extra layers really help with... More

Fun DIY Clay Bunny Bowls For Easter

Easter is not far, so it’s time to make some decorations for your home to celebrate the holiday at its best. To make these funny clay bowls you’ll need air dry clay, acrylic craft paint, a rolling pin, a sharpie oil-based paint marker, a paintbrush, glass bowls and sandpaper. Roll out air dry clay on smooth surface like... More

How To Make A Patchwork Jean Bowl

Denim is a popular and cool material but not only for clothes – for décor and design also! Unexpected? Have  a look at this jean bowl and get some materials to make it: an old pair of jeans, Mod Podge and a foam brush, a bowl to use as a shape. Rip strips of denim about 4 to 5 inches long and a couple of inches wide. Once... More

How To Make A Paper Mache Bowl

A paper mache bowl is cool for storing some pretty little things and makes a beautiful accessory. The supplies are a bowl, plastic wrap, patterned paper, a brush, wallpaper glue. Cover the bowl in plastic wrap and cut pieces of paper, choose any shape but don’t make them too big. Apply lots of glue to both sides of the paper... More

How To Paint A Soup Bowl

Do you like soup? Why not make your soup bowl more original? You’ll need a ceramic bowl, a set of sharpies or use food safe ceramic markers, Food Safe Glaze. Draw your design in sections by drawing the outline first and then filling in the color – you may try on paper first. Also try to draw a horizontal line across as you... More