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DIY Woven Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Not enough space for a big Christmas tree? Make a space-saving alternative! For this whimsy tree you’ll need a weaving loom, a plastic needle, yarn, basic string, scissors. Start off by setting up the loom. After you are done setting up your loom began weaving a few rows to hold your tassels into place. Place your tassels... More

DIY Mini Wooden Christmas Trees

This fun and cute mini Christmas trees are perfect for those who’s short in space or just want something original for Christmas. You’ll need wooden triangle blocks, craft paints of your choice, paint brushes and liquid gold leaf. First, paint each block the colors of your choice for the base and let them dry to the touch.... More

15 Sparkly DIY Sequin Crafts For Winter Holidays

We’ve already told you how to add some glitter to your winter holidays, and now let’s talk about sequins in particular. It think sequins are number one in creating a festive mood, so I advise you to add them to your winter holiday décor, both for Christmas and New Year. Christmas ornaments are ideal for sequin décor, you... More

DIY Space-Saving Christmas Tree Wall Art

If you have a lack of space, then decorating for any holiday you should consider some space-saving décor ideas. A wall Christmas tree or even wall art is one of these ideas, pretty easy in realizing and very trendy. The supplies are design foam with sticky base, Winter’s Grandeur Fat Quarter Bundle, scissors, glitter... More

DIY Egg Carton Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a completely non-typical Christmas tree of some recycled materials, you’ll love this idea! The supplies are an egg carton, paper, beads, a glue stick, multi purpose glue and a pair of scissors. Cut out the ‘trees’. Fold a paper star and glue it on the top of the tree. Apply glue on the outside of... More

14 Awesome Driftwood Christmas Trees You Can Make

Planning a coastal Christmas? Wanna feel sea breeze even during winter holidays? Start from making a driftwood Christmas tree because this piece is the soul of your festive décor. Making such a tree is easy: gluing the pieces of driftwood to one another or to some other base, maybe also a piece of driftwood. A nice idea is an... More

How To Make A Twiggy Christmas Tree

Unusual Christmas trees, especially tabletop ones, are cool and give an original touch to your Xmas décor. Let’s make a funny and rustic tree, you’ll need twigs, a wooden skewer, holiday light, LED, battery operated, 180″ 45 lights, thin insulated copper wire, a hot glue gun and tin cans. Cut 3 bigger twigs of about... More

Handmade Tabletop Christmas Tree Of Beer Lids

Recycling things is a green idea, especially when you recycle those things that are difficult to recycle. Let’s make a funny Christmas tree of beer lids – a brilliant green idea and a cool piece as a result. The supplies are a plastic glass, glue and beer lids. Use your hot glue gun to glue the lids to the plastic cup. Now... More

12 Adorable DIY Advent Christmas Trees

An advent calendar is no big deal – many of us make such things for home. But an advent tree is an original idea! You can make one of wood, cardboard, felt, cranberry branches and many other things – even books! Such an idea is unique and if you have kids – they’ll be excited! If you don’t have much space, make a wall... More

25 Non-Typical DIY Christmas Trees

Though Christmas is rather far, it’s better to think of everything beforehand. If you want an original Christmas tree, which would attract attention and match your non-typical Christmas décor theme, we’ve gathered several cool DIY ideas for different styles. For natural or industrial décor you can attach some branches or... More

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