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25 Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Inspirations

According to an ancient legend, fir has become a symbol of Christmas because of the heavenly powers. Nowadays most people try their decorating skills on firs before Chrsitmas. Most people around the world have already decorated their Christmas trees. Although if you aren’t here are some decorating inspirations for... More

Easy And Cheap Snowflake Christmas Garland

DIY Snowflake Christmas Garland

A Christmas garland that consists only of snowflakes is an universal decoration for the season because it could be combined with virtually any other decorations. Besides it’s very easy to make and won’t const much to you. You need to buy felt snowflake ornaments, any craft glue, ribbon, and glitter. Most likely you... More

Transform An Autumn Leaf Wreath To The Winter One

Gilded Leaf Wreath for Winter

If you made or bought an autumn wreath made of fake or real leaves you can transform it to serve you during Winter. It’d be also be perfect wreath for Christmas. All you need to do is to buy white or silver spray paint and cover your wreath all with it.... More

DIY Christmas Ribbon Wreath And Tree

How To Make Christmas Ribbon Wreath & Tree

A Christmas ribbon wreath is usually quite cheap to make but looks fantastic. You only need some base and a lot of different kinds of ribbon. The best thing that there are so many cool kinds of ribbon that your wreath will be unique for sure. Stacy from She’s {kinda} Crafty made quite nice Christmass wreath and Christmas... More

Easy To Make Snowy Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments

Pine cones are natural decorations for Christmas. You can make a lot of things from them including even the Christmas tree. Ornaments and garlands are the most easy things to make of pine cones. In addition to them you only need ornament hooks and some glue. In case you want to make them snowy you also need a white spray paint.... More

DIY Christmas Wreath From Round Tree Ornaments

It’s always great when you can make such things as Christmas wreaths without spending money on them. For example, you can make one from round ornaments that you haven’t used for your Christmas tree.MaterialsRound ornaments of various sizes (at least 80) Glue gun Metal hangerInstructionsBend the metal hanger... More

10 Gorgeous Christmas Table Decorating Ideas

Christmas is favorite time of the year for a lot of people. It’s time when they can decorate their homes to impress their families and friends. Of course, a Christmas table on the Christmas Day is a very important part of these decorations. Even though decorating isn’t the most important part of the dinner it... More

Easy To Make Christmas Ribbon Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath in Christmas Colors

If you still haven’t made or bought a Christmas wreath we have an interesting tutorial for you. It’s done by Monica Ewing, doesn’t require much materials and is really easy to implement.Materials12″ metal ring 72 feet of 1 1/2″ wired ribbon (24 inches of each pattern in Christmas... More

10 Heart-Shaped Christmas Decorations

Decorative Country Living has presented its Christmas decorations collection for 2010/11. There are things that suit all tastes from very traditional gold and silver to wonderful rustic twig elements. Heart-shaped decorations take special place among all these novities. You can decorate your christmas tree, door, table and... More

25 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year. It provides joy and cheer all around. A Christmas tree is the main home decorating project before the holiday. Even if you don’t decorate your home for Christmas season you should have a Christmas tree anyway. If you have one you definitely need some inspiration for its... More

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