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DIY Embroidered Copper Desk Accessories

Make your desk accessories more original and personalized with this cool tutorial from revamperate.com. You’ll need wire mesh desk accessories, copper spray paint, embroidery thread, a needle. First, spray paint one coat of copper paint on the wire mesh, let dry and spray again. Let dry completely before beginning the next... More

Original DIY Neon Mosaic Tile Trivet

I love mosaics as this ancient pattern allows creating wonderful and eye-catching items,and this trivet is one of them. The supplies are neon acrylic paint, unsanded grout, an exacto knife, a square white tile, peel-and-stick floor tile, squeegee, a plastic molding. You need to figure out what size to cut your peel-and-stick... More

Bright And Fun DIY Washi Tape Key Rings

No keys without key rings! These are necessary accessories, and today we are sharing a tutorial from paperandpin.com to make colorful ones. Prepare all your favorite washi tapes, colorful cord, balsa wood, a craft knife, scissors, clear varnish or gel medium, a drill or dremel, a large split ring or binder ring. Start by... More

6 Simple DIY Soap Dishes That You Can Make

Natural soap is amazing, everyone loves to make own soap! But where can we put it? You’ll need a cool soap dish to store your soap in the bathroom and to show it at its best. I’d advise making a soap dish of some durable materials that are water-resistant as you will often put a wet piece of soap on the dish. It can be... More

DIY Spotted Catch-All Bowl For Various Stuff

Have you ever come home and thrown your keys on the nearest flat surface only to realize you can’t remember where you put them when you’re walking out the door the next day? To avoid such situations you can make a cute catch-all bowl. The supplies are just a white bowl and a glass paint pen. First, using the glass paint pen... More

9 DIY Passport Holders And Covers To Keep Documents Safe

The vacation season is officially on, and we continue telling you of cool crafts that will make any trip easier and more pleasant. Today I’ve rounded up passport covers and holders that will save your documents from any scratches or other accidents and make your papers easier to find in any big bag. Choose the material you... More

Stylish DIY Minimalist Wooden Soap Dish

Wanna design your bathroom in minimalist style? You’ll need stylish accessories and decorations for it, and we are sharing this minimalist soap dish tutorial to help you! The supplies are 2 36 inch long 3/8 by 3/8 square poplar dowels , a miter box and saw, a ruler, a pencil, sandpaper, waterproof wood glue, mineral oil,... More

Travelling Time: 13 DIY Travel Wallets, Cases And Covers

The time of amazing holidays has officially begun, and I’m sure that you are already planning some awesome trip! We’ve already told you of luggage tags and travel pillows that will save you from pain in your neck, and now it’s time to pack your things in a convenient way. For that you’ll need some pouches, holders,... More

Fun And Easy DIY Wooden Key Chain

This is a great craft for kids and adults alike – or a fun joint project! You’ll need blocks of wood, sanding paper to sharpen up the edges, white color, permanent markers and something to drill the hole. Wherever you got your blocks of wood from the first thing you want to do is sand the edges. Color the surface and let it... More

11 Eye-Catching DIY Knobs And Pulls For Your Furniture

If you want to make your furniture or doors more original but don’t want to renovate the whole piece, then there’s an idea for you! Try to renovate this item with creative knobs and pulls! A very popular idea is to make leather pulls – this is amazing for any sideboard or dresser, and very easy to make, you’ll need just... More