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Small DIY Home Garden On Your Window Sill

If you leave in a big city and don’t have a garden, that’s a pity because it’s almost summer and we all want is a piece of nature. But the news is good!  You can create a small and simple home garden yourself. All you’ll need is some plants in pots, hooks, and a perch. Just paint all the elements in one color with a spray paint, then fix the pots to the hooks and fix the perch to the window sill. Voila, your mini home garden is ready! It’s simple and very stylish and would give you a summer feeling all the time.

Source: prohandmade


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  1. fateme Says:

    Was good. Thanks. I also have a few pots of flowers and vegetables at home. :)

  2. Antonia Says:

    How did you get the metal rod to stay in place against the walls? I have cement walls and I’m not sure if this would work.

  3. Karla Says:

    Antonia…are you allowed to place a hefty screw into the inside of the concrete portion of your window? With those in place on either side, you could use a tension rod and place each end over the screw head for support. You may need to make a hole into the rubber ends of the tension rod and possibly leave a bit of the screws unscrewed about a quarter inch.

    In general, I was thinking that for my sunny window I could hang regular curtain rods from the 2-pack where one extends further than the other. I can place the shorter one lower than the extended one so that when I hang my plant pots, the bottoms will rest against the curtain rod instead of swinging freely or bumping the glass. I’ll also be able to open my window.

  4. Hey Says:


  5. Nichola Says:

    Where did you get this set up? It would be perfect for our kitchen. I have been looking everywhere? Thanks!

  6. Joanne Macias Says:

    Love this idea! Absolutely doing this. Thanks!

  7. Rosita Says:

    I have a small area that I can grow herbs this way in the kitchen. Thanks so much for this perfect idea!!

  8. Reba Thomas Says:

    I have a small kitchen and I think this will work. Thank you for the ideas.

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