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Simple Plastic DIY Hummingbird Feeder

In case you want a hummingbird feeder but don’t want to spend money on it then you need to make one instead. You can do that from a soda bottle, a square tupperware container, and thin rope. It’s quite simple. First, take the lid of the soda bottle and cut the hole in the center of the tupperware top to put the bottle in it. Next, cut four small holes near the corners of the top of the tupperware container for the hummingbirds to drink out of. Cut the hole in the top of the bottle. Once all of the holes are cut fix everything together and hang using thin rope. Wait several days and you’ll see hummingbird near your new feeder.


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  1. Lynn Says:

    Hey Mike,

    I’ve been saving a gazillion red plastic Jif jar tops; in the hopes of creating some kind of hummingbird feeder (several feeding stations-type). In my head I was thinking of something resembling a chandelier; but can’t come up with a plan.

    Any bright ideas?

    Thanks so much…love your work!

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