Simple DIY Veneer Pendant Lamp

We have already told you of liquor bottle lamps, neon lamps and many others. And here’s one more design – diy veneer lamp. The supplies are 1 roll of 2″x8′ veneer edging, 2 10″ sized embroidery hoops, 1 pendant light kit, a low wattage light bulb, a piece of cardboard or chipboard , a small glue gun, scissors, a ruler, a pencil. Cut stripes of veneer; take your lamp kit and unscrew the ring. Using your glue gun, carefully glue one of your veneer strips to the inside edge of an embroidery hoop. Glue your other veneer strip to the outside edges of both the embroidery hoops simultaneously. Put glue on a small section of both hoops at once and attach the veneer slowly, taking care to keep the edges lined up. Lay your lampshade flat on the table and glue the edges of your cardboard circle on top, and your shade is done. Insert lamp kit through the hole you’ve made in the top and screw the ring into place. Don’t forget the bulb!

Source: dotcomsformoms

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