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Re-Using Old Books To Make A Floor Lamp

In case you’re going to throw away some of your old books – don’t do it. You can reuse them so they won’t occupy your shelves anymore. We showed you how you can make shelves from old books but you can also make a floor lamp using them. To be more specific, books will become a lamp base. The process is quite simple but you need a drill for it. Besides you should be ready that you won’t be able read these books after that.

First of all make holes in a pile of books. Take out all rubbish. Cut some extra inside the books and remove more rubbish. Now you can the lamp base of your floor lamp through the whole bunch of books and the new lamp is ready!


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  1. john Says:

    Do you really think that Re-Using Old Books it’s making a hole in them? If you have old books give them to the library, IDIOT!!!!
    I cant understand how could anyone do this to old books…

  2. TJWA Says:

    I’m a librarian and I think this is a wonderful idea! Few libraries have room to store all the old books that the library generates, let alone those you find in grandma’s attic. Yes, some of them may be valuable as antiques, but few libraries will welcome dozens of copies of the best sellers from a decade ago. Most of the books we get donated are sent to the library’s book sale. The funds go to benefit the library, but I see no reason not to benefit yourself by repurposing something you have to get further use out of it. I’m even consider buying books from our library’s used book sale to make lamps for my home. I love books both for the knowledge/entertainment they give, and as the objects they are. Use them however you will, just USE them!

  3. Bernice Says:

    This would be awfully heavy to move.

  4. Kristi Says:


    This is SAVING BOOKS that you can now read online. This isn’t the 60’s anymore! Old books are FABULOUS to look at!!! Please find something else to do with your life then talk crap on creative idea’s.

  5. Crystal Says:

    To Bernice,

    If you can put it together, you can take it apart. It’s a lot easier to move it in pieces than in one piece. Yes, it’s labor-intensive, but if you’re moving it a long way, taking it apart is the way to go.

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