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DIY Concrete Candle Holders Using Plastic Bottles

Concrete furniture and décor pieces are very popular today because they are easy to DIY and look very modern and hot. We are looking forward to share a cool tutorial of concrete candleholders with you! You’ll need concrete mix, recycled bottles, a bucket, a sifter, scissors, a small saw, a razor blade, cooking spray, a small... More

DIY Triangle Leather Earbud Holder

Do your earbuds often tangle? Then you need a cool earbud holder to avoid it! The supplies are scrap leather, a multi-hole leather punch, scissors, 7 mm screw back studs. Fold your leather piece in half and cut a triangle shape. When you open the piece you will have a diamond shape. Using your largest hole punch, punch a hole... More

The Best Roundups To Improve Your Home of July 2014

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best roundups to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during July 2014. 15 Awesome DIY Coffee Table Makeovers 13 Eye-Catching DIY Nightstand... More

The Best DIY and How-To Tutorials To Improve Your Home of July 2014

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best tutorials to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during July 2014. DIY Outdoor Cedar Bench With Planters DIY Mini Kitchen Organizers From Spice... More

10 Bold DIY Ombre Furniture And Décor Pieces

Ombre pattern looks very romantic and rather bright, it’s ideal to make a statement in any space. You can paint the walls with this effect, take ombre textiles or furniture and accessories. That’s why we’ve rounded up some cool tutorials to make ombre furniture or accessories. If you are ready to makeover some old... More

DIY Stained Plywood Floating Credenza

If you don’t have enough space for storage, some floating shelves would be ideal for your home. To hide the objects you want to store you can make a floating credenza! Prepare 5/8″ thick sheet of good one side veneered plywood, edge tape, old iron, edge tape cutting tool, stain , varnish, a brush and lint-free rags, PL... More

DIY Tiki Torches Of Fancy Bottles

We’ve already told you of some pretty tiki torches that you can make for outdoors, and here’s one more idea to the list! You’ll need Lucky Buddha beer bottles, tiki torch fuel, tiki torch replacement wicks, 1/2″ x 3/8″ copper coupling, sealing tape. Wash the bottles and let dry, then prepare the copper coupling. The... More

9 Cool DIY Concrete Pieces For Outdoors

Concrete is a perfect material for outdoors because it’s durable, warm and stylish. If you want to make some furniture or lights in the modern style, then choose this material. Really, it looks like new, handmade stone, with all its shades and imperfections. Famous designers create whole collections of concrete, and you can... More

Original DIY Earrings From Computer Keys

Would you like to make a pair of crazy earrings? Make them of a keyboard! You’ll need a computer keyboard, pliers, a screwdriver, 1 nail, a candle, 2 rings, 2 hooks for earrings.  Disconnect the keys from the base of the keyboard using the screwdriver. Choose 2 keys and eliminate the protruding part of the keys with pliers.... More

DIY Geometric Art Headboard Panels

We’ve already told you about creative headboards that you can make yourself, and today we offer you to make a beautiful headboard looking like a geometric wall art piece. Print an outline of all the shapes onto a transparency so you can use a projector to project the image onto the boards. Hang the panels the correct distance... More