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DIY Copper And Wood Hanging Light Fixture

We’ve already told you of some cool copper projects for your home. Today we offer you to make this copper hanging light fixture that blog vintagerevivals.com has shared. Using your epoxy, glue it to the inside of the reducing coupling. Let it set for at least 5 minutes. Be aware of any drips down the inside, they will cause... More

14 Gold Thanksgiving DIYs For Pretty Home Décor

Gold is a traditional color for Thanksgiving because it’s a color of fall, well-being and it’s festive. That’s why we’ve decided to roundup some cute gold crafts to give your Thanksgiving a sparkle. Take a couple of cool pumpkins, gourds, nuts, pinecones or branches and spray paint them with gold – it’s very easy... More

DIY Hexagon Marble Cake Or Cheese Stand

Geometric décor continues to conquer the world, and today we’ll make a pretty piece for parties, it’s a hexagon cake stand. Prepare a 10″ hexagon tile, a chunky pillar candle holder, heavy-duty glue or epoxy, a pencil and ruler. With the tile upside-down, use the ruler to find the center, then trace the candle holder so... More

Trendy DIY Geometric Wall Display

Geometric crafts are kind of trendy and hot today, so we offer you to give a fashionable touch to your home décor with this wall display. You’ll need paper, a pencil, a sharpie, string/rope/cord, hammer & nails, clothespins, art/photos. Start by just eye-balling the sketch and measuring out how wide and tall you want the... More

13 DIY Thanksgiving Wreaths From Different Materials

Thanksgiving is the coziest holiday when we all forget out problems and sit around the table with our family and the closest friends. Making inviting and cozy décor is very important on such a day, so we’ve rounded up some cool Thanksgiving wreaths for you to make the entrance look comfy and greeting. Thanksgiving is a... More

Very Simple DIY IKEA Bedside Table Hack

Do you like IKEA hacks? If you do, then let’s hack this simple IKEA tables, you’ll need an orbital sander, liming white varnish, dark grey gloss paint, door knobs, painters tape, screwdriver, door stoppers as feet, brushes. Pull it all apart and sand it. Take off all the knobs and broken parts, then sand first with a rough... More

Sweet DIY Cupcake Dog Costume For Halloween

We’ve just told you of pretty dog Halloween costumes, and I’d like to share one of them with you in details. This is the cutest and sweetest costume ever – a cupcake one! Prepare 7″ round paper mache box, various colors of felt, cotton batting, natural color scrapbook paper, 3/4″ elastic, scissors, a needle, thread, a... More

7 Cheerful DIY Cat Halloween Costumes

Cat owners, this article is for you! Everyone is intensively getting ready for the coming Halloween and your pets shouldn’t be forgotten. We’ve just told you of pretty doggie costumes, and now it’s kitties’ turn! Your cat can be dressed up in a very cute way – like a superman, a hero, a bat or even a Renaissance poet.... More

Simple DIY Watercolor Wall Art

Watercolor pieces are really trendy now, and if you want to add a fashionable touch to your home décor, you can make this easy watercolor wall art. Prepare foam brushes, 3 plastic cups, 3 colors of craft paint, a large piece of printmaking or linen paper. Fill each plastic cup with about an inch or so of water. Squeeze a dime... More

DIY Storage Coffee Table With Hairpin Legs

A functional coffee table? Yes, please! For this table with storage you’ll need 1 sheet of 3/4″ birch plywood, coarse, medium, and fine grit sandpapers, a lot of non-linting rags, wood stain, clear sealant, foam brushes, a power drill, 100-pack #8 x 1-1/4″ flat head wood screws, wood glue, 4 table legs—the 13″ brass... More