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Unique DIY IKEA Hack Table

IKEA hacks are very popular today, and here’s one more idea to your list! Take 4x Ikea KNUFF Magazine files, Ikea FROSTA stool, Ikea NASUM basket, contact adhesive, masking tape, acrylic paint, a brush, colorless varnish for wood and scissors. Start by placing on the floor the magazine files in the shape shown in the picture,... More

9 Creative DIY Summer Party Seats And Benches

Outdoor summer parties and barbeques are amazing! Having a meal and talk with friends and relatives outdoors, enjoying sun, fresh air and delicious food – so cool! We’ve already told you how to decorate for such a party, how to build an outdoor kitchen and a pizza oven, but what about furniture? For such a party you’ll... More

DIY Braided Mirror For Coastal Decor

Wanna create cute coastal décor easily? Take small mirrors in various shapes and sizes, cotton cording, hot glue gun and glue sticks, painter’s tape or washi tape. Cut three pieces of cord that are the same exact length – each measuring approximately 1.5 times the diameter of the mirror you are using. Next, knot... More

Stylish And Modern DIY Pet Bowl Stand

We’ve already told you of some creative pet food stations and bowl stands, and here are some more ideas. The supplies are food bowls, square wooden dowels cut down to four 5″ pieces (length), four 18.75″ pieces (height), six 5.25″ pieces (depth), 2 packs of 1″ #3 wood screws, wood glue, clamps, sandpaper, a drill.... More

9 Cool DIY Summer Party Centerpieces

Every table needs a centerpiece, no matter what the occasion is. If you are planning a cool summer party and don’t know how to decorate the table, this article is for you! The easiest idea is to take a bowl and put fresh fruit with flowers in it – simple, fast and delicious! Another idea is a traditional floral centerpiece,... More

DIY Natural Bug Bite Balm

Summer is great but as any other thing it has its own pros and cons and one of its disadvantages is insects. If you were bitten by them, you’ll definitely need some balm to calm the skin. To make one you’ll need 2 tablespoons pure shea butter, 2 tablespoons avocado oil, 1 ounce pure beeswax, ¼ teaspoon calendula oil, 5-10... More

Stylish DIY Indigo Painted Plates

Indigo is such a beautiful color! It’s amazing for making accents, so why not give your kitchen an indigo touch? Take a couple of ovenproof plates, preferably white, Pebeo 150 Porcelain China Paint and Pebeo 150 Porcelain paint thinner, paintbrushes. Give your plate a nice wash and dry to remove any dirt. Prepare you paint by... More

16 Awesome Confetti DIYs For Summer Parties

Confetti are amazing for parties or celebrations, they create that festive mood without any efforts, so you can realize some cool crafts for decorating your party and have fun with your guests! Start making confetti invitations to invite them; prep confetti gift tags and warps for the presents. Now think about party décor: a... More

Stylish DIY Geo Cufflinks

Geo pieces and decorations are hot, so let’s make these cufflinks for your boyfriend or father, prepare tacky glue, polymer clay, an xacto knife and gold cufflinks. Preheat oven to 275°; cut your clay into small squares or circles and hold up to your cufflinks to make sure they’re a little bigger than the cufflink surface... More

Basic DIY Pre-Shave Oil

Pre-shave oil is a great homemade alternative to shaving gel and helps leave your skin silky smooth. There are a million different ways to make pre-shave oil and you may have to change the recipe based on how your skin reacts to these oils. Here’ a basic recipe, and you can add some ingredients to it, if you like. Take 1 part... More