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Stylish DIY Concrete Door Stoppers

Concrete door stoppers are the best ones because they are heavy enough to keep the doors in place, so no more door slamming. To make ones yourself take 1 meter of rope or very thick twine, galvanized coupler x 2, tape, a milk or juice box and one round plastic container, concrete mix of your own choice. Cut the rope into two... More

Easy DIY Outdoor Bench To Make

Outdoor furniture is now actual more than ever as the outdoor season is opened and it’s so joyful to stay in the sun! This outdoor bench is great for any patio or porch, so prepare 1 – 12 foot 1 x 4, 1 – 12 foot 1 x 4, 2 – 4 foot 2 x 3, 2″ deck screws, clamps, a drill, weatherproof paint or stain. Build the frame for... More

5 Easy To Make DIY Beach Chairs

The beach season is officially opened! You need not only to prep you curves and skin for it but also buy some beachwear and accessories. Another necessary thing for going to a beach is a beach towel and a chair to relax after swimming and enjoy the sun. You needn’t buy any, just make it yourself! The basic materials are... More

DIY Leather Belt Drawer Pulls

Wanna accentuate a drawer or a dresser? Make these cool leather drawer pulls! You’ll need a leather belt, nails, a hammer, scissors and measuring tape. Decide how long you want your handles to be and cut belt to length, remembering to add in space so that the leather can come out a couple inches from the dresser.  Remove the... More

Amazing DIY Kitchen EAT Sign

Signs are very popular for décor today, we make them for home decor, for parties and special events like weddings. Today let’s make an easy one for your kitchen! Check out this easy craft tutorial for your very own EAT kitchen sign from Dwell Beautiful! It takes just minutes and will look fantastic in your... More

12 DIY Vintage Suitcase Crafts For Home Décor

Giving new life to the old things is the motto of every DIY lover. The source of today’s inspiration is vintage suitcases that can be used to make some furniture for your home. The easiest idea is to turn an old suitcase into a bedside table, you’ll need just to put it on some legs and attach. Another good thing to make of... More

DIY Nautical-Inspired Soap On A Rope

These soaps are nautical-inspired and smell amazing! To make ones you’ll need glycerin melt and pour soap base, essential oils you like, sisal rope, household containers in any shape or size you’d like. To begin, cut your soap base into cubes. Now it’s time to figure out how much soap base to melt. A little bit of... More

Patriotic 4th Of July DIY Balloons

The Independence Day is very soon and it’s time to make decorations and party gifts! These funny balloons will be a cool decoration or just bring some fun to your kids. You’ll need clear helium-quality latex balloons, a helium tank, foam glitter star stickers, red white and blue fringe and baker’s twine or string.... More

12 Amazing DIY Crafts Of Salvaged Wood

Going green is not only a huge trend now but also is very important for the environment, which we need to preserve. What about using salvaged wood? You needn’t throw any wood pieces you have, or old things of wood, you can just use them for creating new ones and give a new life this way. That’s why we’ve gathered some... More

Cool DIY Trash Can Plant Stand

Need a cool and original plant stand? That’s so easy! Take black and white striped trim, a trash can and tape. Get 6 yards of black and white trim, spiral it around the trash can, using tape to hold it in place. Use chalk to mark on the can where the trim should be placed, as a guide for when you’ll glue it on later. ... More