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21 DIY No-Carve Pumpkins For Halloween

Pumpkins are traditional for fall décor on the whole but scary ones are especially cool for Halloween! I’m sure that you know thousands of ideas to carve a pumpkin but not everyone is good at it. That’s why I decided to roundup striking Halloween pumpkins without carving them. Painting or spray painting pumpkins is the... More

DIY Monogram Organizer Of PVC Pipe

As the school year has already begun, there’s nothing more actual and popular than an organizer for every working space. To make one you’ll need 1-1/2” PVC pipe – one 10 ft. stick, PVC cutters or saw, PVC cement and paint. Start with your 10 foot piece of 1-1/2” PVC pipe and measure out and mark 5 inch sections all... More

Eye-Catching DIY Hexagon Shelves

These fantastic eye-catching shelves are made of usual boxes! You’ll need 12 hexagonal gift boxes, 12 hexagonal mirrored tiles, 12 pieces of double-sided wall mounting tape. Using double-sided wall mounting tape, attach a gift box to the center of each mirror. Take a picture of the arrangement on your phone to use for... More

13 DIY Silver Decorations And Accessories For Winter Décor

Silver is an amazing glam color, which is the symbol of winter, glowing like snow! I love adding this color to the interior to create a cozy winter-inspired atmosphere. Yeah, winter isn’t here yet but getting ready beforehand is a good idea. We’ve rounded up fantastic silver crafts for fall and winter décor that will turn... More

Decorative DIY Hanging Vases In A Frame

Hanging vases look unique and can become an amazing decoration for your home and even for such an event as a wedding. To make them you’ll need ¼ x 3-4 ft oak board, a table saw, wood glue, a drill, twine, 3-6 small vases, scissors, a level, paint or stain. First you need to collect some small vases. Now get your wood board... More

How To Turn A Drawer Into An End Table

Got an ugly drawer and don’t know that to do with it? Let’s turn it into a cool end table! First, cut down a piece of spare plywood to fill in the top of the drawer. This will be a level surface to work with. Since the drawer face is completely plain, print a pattern that you like on the drawer face. Measure and mark out... More

17 Cool DIY Back-To-School Crafts For Grown-Ups

Kids and students have already come back to schools and colleges, and back to school is one of the most popular themes speaking about décor, fashion and crafting. Even if you are a grown up and needn’t go back to school, why not get inspired by these ideas? We’ve rounded up some crafts suitable both for students and... More

DIY Modern Industrial Wood Slice Shelves

Industrial and rustic accessories are very popular today, and what about combining these two styles in one? This furniture project is easy-breezy and won’t take much time. For the shelves you’ll need 14 inch wood slices, *4 inch L brackets, a saw, drill, and screws. The first thing you need to do is measure where the center... More

DIY Geometric Metal Tubing Hanging Planter

This simple modern planter is the perfect addition to your boring corner or window area. Using metal piping and twine with a few easy steps, hang any bowl or planter to spruce up a bare space. You’ll need metal tubing, a pipe cutter, tape measure, twine, string or thin wire for connecting tubing, a bowl or planter, plants.... More

9 DIY Home Décor Crafts With Animal Prints

Animal prints are hot and actual at any time, they look so glam! Today we’ve rounded up several crafts for you to make in case you like these prints. Cheetah or leopard prints are very cool, and you can use them for wall décor, mirrors, any tableware and furniture that you want to accentuate. The zebra print is another... More