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1 Minute DIY Bold Toque Pumpkin For Fall

Pumpkins are a traditional piece for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving, so every autumn we make various decorations with them. Today we’ll make original toque pumpkins, the supplies are a knitted toque in fall-like colours, a large sweater or tshirt to fill the toque with, elastic band, brown or tan yarn for the stem. The... More

6 DIY Halloween Pumpkin Stands For Your Porch

A Halloween pumpkin stand is a perfect piece both for décor and for the kids that come to your door at night – they can get candies even if you aren’t at home! We’ve already told you how to make such items for fall, and today we’ll see how to add Halloween coloring to them. You can do it using Halloween colors: orange,... More

Stylish DIY Halloween Branch Table Centerpiece

Throwing a Halloween party? Then you need a couple of cool centerpieces! Prepare one big or two combined together twigs, smaller twigs from your garden, preferably with leaves, wild flowers and black spray paint. It’s important that when combining all the elements, you make sure that the both ends of the base twig are going... More

8 Cool And Easy To Make DIY Halloween Masks For Kids

A mask is a necessary acessory to finish the Halloween looks of your kids. A mask can polish the look or even make the whole outfit. The most popular mask are those of animals and some super heroes – they arne’t difficult to make but you’ll need some sewing skills. You can also go for cardboard or printable paper masks of... More

DIY Jack-o-Lantern Décor From A Plate Holder

This Halloween-themed project is based on wicker / rattan paper plate holders – you can make a lot with them! Take your plate holders and spray paint them with Krylon’s pumpkin orange spray paint. Once the paint dries, grab some scraps of felt – a mottled green for the stem, and black for the jack-o-lantern face and... More

How To Make Abstract Art With A Paint Scraper

Need a cool statement abstract art? Here’s a way! You’ll need stretched and primed canvas, acrylic paint, a paint roller, a paint scraper. Cover your canvas with your chosen base colour. Once your canvas is completely covered, wait for the paint to dry. Use a paint scraper to start adding coloured strokes to your canvas.... More

12 Cute DIY Halloween Costumes For The Wee Ones

If you have a baby, he or she should have fun at Halloween, too! Sew a costume and maybe a hat for your kid depending on your preferences and colors you or the baby likes. Ladies should be ladies everywhere and every time, so your little daughter can rock an Audrey Hepburn costumeor just a little black dress; she can be turned... More

IKEA Hack: DIY Jewelry Dishes From Cork Coasters

Need a cute jewelry dish? Here’s an idea! The supplies are Ikea 365+ cork coasters (or any other coasters that you like!), masking tape, golden spray paint and white spray paint. First use masking tape to cover half of a coaster. Then spray paint as shown in the picture below. Apply 2 layes of white paint and then wait until... More

10 Cool And Fun DIY Halloween Costumes For Boys

Halloween is coming, and you need a costume not only for yourself but also for your kids and maybe pets! We’ve just told you about girl DIY costumes, and today we are crfating for our sons. What are creative ideas for boys? Superman, Darth Vader, shark, Batman, Olaf, Wolverine, Flynn Rider, black cat or just some superhero... More

DIY Wooden Bottle Stand For Floral Arrangements

This bottle stand can become a perfect decoration for any season, and now you can rock it for fall. You’ll need 10 empty small bottles, 3 wood boards (in size: 25cm / 23cm / 20cm), a hole saw with a diameter of 35mm, fine sandpaper, acrylic paint, wood glue, bar or tape measure, a pencil. Arrange six bottles on the biggest... More

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