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13 DIY Embroidery Hoop Crafts For Home Decor

Even if aren’t a fan of stitching, you can still use embroidery hoops for lots and lots of crafts. Hoops are almost an endless source of inspiration: you can make hanging lamps, various types of wall art, memory boards, floral arrangements and so on. Choose beautiful fabric, attach some cool buttons or charms and put it into... More

Trendy DIY Ombre Desk Organizer To Make

This ombre desk organizer is a cool idea for everyone! Prepare a wooden plank (3⁄4-inch thick), a pencil, a ruler, a saw, a wood chisel, a hammer, sanding paper, wood glue, bar clamps, paint, varnish and a drill. Check out your scrap lumber pile or run to the hardware store. You’ll need three pieces of wood: two rectangles... More

13 Soft And Inspiring Feather Home Decor Ideas

Feathers are so soft and cute – why not add them to your big day decor? If you have a pack of soft natural feathers, you may gild them and attach to a thread to make a wonderful garland. You may decorate a wreath, a mobile, place cards for a party, make a chandelier for some occasion. Feather are cute even without painting... More

DIY Mud Cloth Pattern Pumpkins

More pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Fall is reallly pumpkin time, and here we are with one more tutorial for decor. You’ll need pumpkins, washed, chalk paint, a foam brush, an oil-based paint pen. Use a dabbing motion to apply the paint to the pumpkin. The paint needs to dry completely after a few coats before moving on.... More

6 Creative DIY IKEA Stuva Furniture Hacks

IKEA Stuva is a cool furniture collection specially for kids’ rooms, it’s cool, simple and comfy in using as every piece by IKEA. And as usual, you can hack various items from it and turn them into some curious things. Stuva cabinets and legs can be used for storage – create your own storage space with a built-in desk... More

Cheerful DIY Autumn Applique Artworks

These cool applique artworks are easy to make and look cool. Prepare embroidery hoops 10 in., 3 pieces of 100% cotton fabric about 12 x 12″, various colors of 100% cotton fabric scraps, Heat n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-on Adhesive 17″x 1yd., autumn appliques, a printer, a ruler, scissors, an iron and ironing board, a cotton... More

How To Hack IKEA Hyllis Shelving Unit: 5 DIY Ideas

IKEA Hyllis shelving unit is a cool and comfy piece that must be fastened to the wall and that can accomodate everything you need. Smart and universal, with an included plastic feet that protects the floor against scratching, it’s a perfect idea for any room. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the piece, you can always... More

DIY Air Dry Clay Bats To Make Wtih Kids

This tutorial is perfect to spend time with kids while making it. The supplies are air drying clay, black acrylic paint, a paintbrush, super glue, beads or, ribbon or string, needle, baking paper, bat cookie cutter and a punch. Take a lump of clay and roll it out to the desired thickness. Punch out as many bats you need –... More

15 DIY Absract Wall Art Pieces You Can Easily Make

Abstract wall art pieces are extremely popular right now because you needn’t any artist talent to create one, yet it looks beautiful and accentuates any wall. I’ve gathered some of such tutorials for you to choose from: there are different techniques and colors. Pastels are on top now: they are subtle and don’t pad the... More

Cool DIY Skull Luminaries For Halloween

Halloween luminaries help to create an ambience, let’s make a couple. The supplies are a large or medium tin can, a copy of Día de Muertos skull printable, a sharp, round nail, a hammer, black spray paint, painter’s tape. Tape your chosen skull template onto the clean, dry can. Using the nail and hammer to make holes,... More

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