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12 DIY Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Like Summer

It’s summer and if you still don’t feel it, then you can apply some smart and cute ideas to do that. I think one of the best ideas to feel it is to smell it in every room, so let’s make a couple of pieces that will smell like summer paradise. Make an air freshener with adorable summer smells, citronella candles with... More

DIY Paper Lantern With A Star Pattern

This lantern by everydaydishes.com is amazing due to the cute star effect, and it’ll be awesome both for adults and kids. Prepare a DIY paper lantern template, card stock, a precision knife, a hot glue gun, 4 18″ floral wire stems, 18-gauge, single socket cord, a low watt bulb. Download the DIY paper lantern template... More

Bold DIY Watermelon Baby Blanket

Make a super cute baby blanket inspired by watermelon – so summer-like! The supplies are 5/8 yd pink fleece, 5/8 yd green fleece, scrap black fleece, 5/8 yd coordinating cotton fabric, basic sewing essentials. Cut your cotton fabric so that it is 19″ long. Fold it in half so that the selvedges meet up on the sides. Cut up... More

14 Playful DIY Tassel Crafts For Home Décor

Tassels can make any piece funnier, more cheerful and playful – scarves, rugs, curtains, table runners, tablecloths and many other things look better. I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of ideas with tassels to make your home more vivacious. Let’s start from wall décor – here you can make a tassel wall hanging or just a... More

Absolutely Natural DIY Timber Side Table

Natural décor is super trendy – see the beauty in simple things, natural textures and lines! Francoisetmoi.com presented this cool side table tutorial for those who love natural beauty, prepare one 6″ x 96″ cedar or pine timber, a circular saw, a belt sander, measuring tape, a pencil, an electric drill, 8 wood dowels,... More

Cheerful And Trendy DIY Watercolor Magnets

Watercolor crafts are extremely popular for home décor, for various events and just everywhere! Let’s follow trends and make these watercolor magnets from lineacross.com. The supplies are podgeable shapes, paper Mod Podge, white cardstock, scissors, watercolors, a flat paintbrush, magnets. Start by cutting pieces of... More

13 Trendy DIY Marquee Lights, Letters And Signs

Marquees have become a huge décor trend because they look awesome, fun and eye-catching. Let’s make some marquee pieces that correspond your interior or just wishes. Marquee letters or maybe initials are very popular for any interior or even an event like a birthday party or a wedding. An abstract marquee light is also cute:... More

How To Revamp A Tray Table For Cheap

A tray table is a very practical piece, which is great for any party, romantic dinner or just a meal with family and friends. If you don’t like your old tray table, or just not satisfied with a newly bought one, revamp it for cheap with this project from beckhamandbelle.com! For this project, the author took champagne colored... More

Fun DIY Neon Cactus Light With El Wire

This neon light from shrimpsaladcircus.com is a funny and cute idea for your interior and is suitable for any party. The supplies are lime green EL wire, heavy copper wire, a hammer, a bench block, scissors, a plant pot, foam board, a pencil, super glue and tape. Bend a piece of copper wire around the handle of the hammer to... More

6 Cheerful DIY Neon Signs For Your Interiors

Who said that neon signs are only for bars? Such a sign can become a wonderful touch for almost any interior. You can make a cute neon sign with any quotes, letters or items on it – just figure out what you want! Choose a board and paint, spray paint or stencil it the way you like. Take rope lighting: LED rope lighting costs... More