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DIY Jane Austen Silhouette Art On Wood

Jane Austen is the main heroine of Pride & Prejudice, and if you like this book and character, you can make this wood plaque art. You’ll need 2″ x 12″ wood plaque, dark walnut stain, warm white paint, Jane Austen Silhouette, scrapbook paper or card stock, stencil adhesive spray, black craft paint, foam brushes and... More

DIY Nordic-Inspired Copper And Wood Clothing Rack

Copper is still a strong and beautiful trend in home design and decoration, there’s something in copper’s color that makes it so elegant and stylish. This clothing rack is inspired by the simplicity and the Scandinavian-design feeling of copper and wood, when combined. Prepare 530 cm round wooden stick, 6 copper... More

The Best Roundups To Improve Your Home of October 2014

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best roundups to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during October 2014. 9 DIY Thanksgiving Front Door Décor Ideas 29 DIY Christmas Front Door... More

The Best DIY and How-To Tutorials To Improve Your Home of October 2014

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best tutorials to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during October 2014. Elegant DIY Copper Peg Shelves Rustic DIY Yarn Wrapped Photo... More

17 Scandinavian-Inspired Christmas DIYs For Your Home

Scandinavian style is just breathtaking! It’s very natural, cozy and very inviting, it’s ideal for any home and of course, it’s great for holidays. Scandinavian Christmas décor is so comfy that you just can’t help dreaming of spending your holidays in such a place. We’ve rounded up some easy Nordic-inspired crafts to... More

Functional DIY Danish Modern Coffee Table

Living room coffee tables in small spaces wear many hats. They function as drink perches, game tables, casual dining tables, craft tables, etc. and our coffee table is no exception. This pretty coffee table is ideal for a small space and looks very stylish. The supplies are salvaged round tabletop, 100 & 150 grit sand... More

Fun And Simple DIY Text Pillow Cases

If you have a couple of simple pillow cases and want to update them somehow, here’s a fun idea! You’ll need iron on printer paper, pillow cases, an iron and a printer. First, create your text in Photoshop. If you have a drawing tablet available to use you could always use your own handwriting. Because it’s a transfer you... More

19 Amazing DIYs For Rustic Christmas Decor

Rustic Christmas – what can be cozier? If you agree with me, then then you’ll enjoy this wonderful roundup of DIY ideas for rustic Christmas décor. So, what materials can be considered rustic? I’d say burlap, wood, threads and all the natural piece like pinecones, berries, acorns and so on, so use them actively for your... More

Funny And Original DIY T-Shirt Cat Tent

If your cat needs a hideway and you wanna make it really original, this craft is for you! Prepare a piece of cardboard, about 15″x15″, scissors, an old t-shirt, two wire hangers, tape, pliers, safety pins of various sizes. Take the piece of cardboard and cut it to size if needed. Place tape over the freshly-cut,... More

Colorful DIY String Art Pumpkin

Pumpkins are great for Halloween, fall and Thanksgiving décor, and string art ideas are very popular now, let’s mix them in one! Take a pumpkin, embroidery thread, hammer, small nails, pen. Draw your letter or design on the flattest part of your pumpkin. Pound in nails along your design. Leave 1/4 to 1/2 inch between the... More