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The Best Roundups To Improve Your Home of March 2015

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best roundups to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during March 2015. 13 Easy And Quick DIY Mouse Pads From Different Materials 10 DIY Statement Curtains For Your Home... More

The Best DIY and How-To Tutorials To Improve Your Home of March 2015

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best tutorials to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during March 2015. DIY Round Wooden Photo Holders To Make How To Turn IKEA Bookshelves Into A... More

9 Stylish DIY For Black And White Easter Décor

Black and white have always been a perfectly stylish combo for any case and thought they are non-typical for Easter – why not risk and be original? Rocking these two colors is super easy: take some chalkboard paint and cover the boiled eggs with it, then you can chalk any words, wishes or pics on them. Another way is even... More

How To Dye Easter Eggs Using Cabbage

How can you dye eggs to get these gorgeous blue shades? TwineAndTable blog shared a wonderful idea! Prepare hard-boiled eggs, 4 cups red cabbage, 2 tbsp vinegar. Shred or chop red cabbage. Place 4 cups of cabbage into a large pot with 1 quart of water and 2 tbsp white vinegar. Bring to a boil, then lower heat. Simmer for 30... More

Original And Colorful DIY Easter Egg Wall Hanging

Dying eggs is a tradition for every Easter but let’s make a very original decoration of them – don’t be ordinary! You’ll need cotton twine, scissors, floral wire, eggs, white thread, a wood dowel 12″, a pin. Start by blowing the yolk out of the eggs. You do this by using the pin to make a small hole at the top and the... More

13 Cool And Cute DIY Fresh Moss Crafts For Easter

Moss symbolizes spring and freshness as it’s always green, and it’s a fun and easy idea to get some greenery for décor, especially when there isn’t much greenery around yet. Moss is perfect for Easter crafting, you may use it for wreaths, make a moss rabbit, make or wrap a basket. A moss wreath or sign is an amazing... More

DIY Two-Tone Wall Clock With A Feather Pattern

Wanna make a stylish and eye-catching wall clock? Here we are with a gorgeous idea from TheDIYDiary blog! Prepare a circle clock base, clock hands, gold spray paint, 3 shades of grey paint, white paint, a soft paint brush, a foam paint brush, a sea sponge, painters tape and a feather. Begin by taping off one half of your clock.... More

Simple DIY Speckled Eggshell Easter Baskets

Do you remember running around the backyard as a kid, Easter basket in hand, scouring the nooks and crannies for hidden eggs? If you want to go back to childhood or just make a surprise for your kids, let’s create these cute speckled eggshell baskets. You’ll need white card, scissors, double-sided tape or glue, a ruler, a... More

13 DIY Watercolor Art Works To Bring A Spring Vibe To Your Home

I’ve already told you of some adorable watercolor crafts for your home but I just can’t stop dipping into this fantastic watercolor world full of light shades and textures. So today I’m sharing wonderful watercolor art works that can be made by anyone – watercolor is awesome as it doesn’t require much of painting... More

DIY Easter Suprise Egg From Colorful Yarn

These DIY Easter Surprise Eggs are super fun to make! They’re perfect for Easter brunch or dinner to place on a table setting as an addition to the charming decor. For adults, fill it with delicious chocolates and for kids, throw in some toys and fun Easter surprise treats! To make them you’ll need small balloons, Elmer’s... More