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Super Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Garland

Valentine’s Day is coming, it’s so close! I’m sure that you’ve already begun preparing for it, making decorations and buying gifts. I’d like to share a cute and easy idea of a Valentine’s Day garland, and you’ll need just sweet little heart bags and red yarn. Lay out the yarn to the length you want the garland and... More

5 DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Backsplashes to Make

Painting with chalkboard is an awesome way to give your space some interactivity and functionality in a way. Chalkboard paint is rather cheap, and you can even make your own one, plus such a surface is easy to clean or repaint – that’s ideal for such a space as kitchen where you constantly cook. We’ve prepared a small... More

DIY Photo Decoupage Renovation Of An Old Sideboard

If you have some old furniture and want to refresh it, there’s a great crafty idea. The supplies are a blue print copy of a photo you love, scrap paper, Royal Coat Decoupage Finish, foam brushes and an X-Acto knife. First, create a pattern for your furniture piece onto scrap paper. Use this pattern to cut your blue print... More

DIY LED Light Arrow For Home Decor

Dark days make us want extra warmth and light. This light arrow will give you necessary light and your interior – a cool twist. You’ll need a pattern, board / MDF / plywood, a jigsaw, a drill, LED lights, cardboard and a staple gun. Begin by tracing the pattern on the wood. Cut it out with the jigsaw and measure the... More

9 Creative DIY Seed Starters And Starting Systems

Spring is not only time of sunlight, birds and green bulbs, it’s also the time of gardening. I know that you, garden fans, are already preparing seeds to start, and I’ve rounded some cool seed starters special for you. The easiest and very Easter-like idea is to take empty egg shells, fill them with soil and plant your... More

Easy DIY Ring Dish With A Holder

We’ve just told you of a ring dish, and here’s one more idea – a ring holder, so comfy in using! You’ll need ⅜” wooden dowel, cut to 3″ long, industrial-strength glue, a dipping bowl, gold spray paint, painter’s tape and purple spray paint. Adhere dowel to the center of bowl using industrial-strength... More

DIY Sliced Birch Branch Placemat

We’ve just told you of cool spring placemats for special occasions and not only, and here’s one more idea that wasn’t included in the list. To make these birch placemats you’ll need birch or other type of tree branch, a miter saw or small handsaw, a ruler, burlap, 1 yard, scissors and hot glue. Use the miter or handsaw... More

The Best Roundups To Improve Your Home of January 2015

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best roundups to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during January 2015. 11 Awesome 2015 DIY Calendars To Make 16 Rustic DIY Pallet Furniture Pieces To... More

The Best DIY and How-To Tutorials To Improve Your Home of January 2015

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best tutorials to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during January 2015. Simple DIY Industrial Copper Lamp How To Decorate A Day Planner With... More

27 Creative DIY Garden Markers From Different Materials

There’s a month left before spring but still I’m sure that you, utter gardeners, have already prepared seeds. Soon you’ll get cool seedlings and then you’ll plant them in your garden as soon as it gets warmer. The problem is that you might forget where and what you planted but we have an awesome solution – garden... More