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9 Simple DIY Entryway Mirrors You Can Make

We can’t do without mirrors in the entryway because we want to know how we look, girl would like to apply some lip gloss and use a hair comb. In case this mirror has a shelf – it’s priceless! Let’s see what mirrors you can make for your hallway. So, as I said, a mirror with a shelf is an ideal variant – make like that... More

DIY Tillandsia Garden Of A Big Terra Cotta Star Ball

This home garden is based on a big terra cotta star ball, which is actually meant to have a light inside. If can’t find any, take a lantern with cutouts or a bird cage. Start by arranging the top, which is a melody of air plants, and work your way down.  It’s a matter of what looks pleasing and somewhat balanced to your... More

DIY Spring Gift Wrap In A Minute

If you have some party or celebration in spring and need to add original packing to the gift, this tutorial is for you! It’s very easy, you’ll need packing paper, hot glue, ribbon and spring flowers. First of all, pack the gift with packing paper according to its shape. Fix it with scotch or tape and attach a flower and... More

8 Creative DIY Entry Shoes Storage Solutions

Where do you store your shoes? Do they clutter the whole space? We’ve gathered a bunch of cool tutorials to help you to store them neatly and comfortably. A traditional shoe rack is a cool idea in case you have enough space and some wood-working skills; some old crates can be easily turned into wall shoe racks. A shoes... More

Colorful DIY Easter Peeps Soaps

Easter is late again this year, but that gives you plenty of time to make these darling homemade Easter inspired Peeps shaped soaps! So, prepare 2.65 oz. natural (detergent free) white melt and pour glycerin soap base, 1 ml fragrance oil, 2-3 drops liquid melt and pour soap colorant, for the eyes: 0.25 oz. natural (detergent... More

DIY Custom Cork Board IKEA Hack

Do you like to keep everything organized? Then this craft is for you! You’ll need cork rounds from IKEA, acrylic paint, a paint brush, a hammer and 6 small nails. Start by applying the acrylic, brush from the center to the outside. Choose you finish; to make your edges pop, add a dash of gold paint to them. You can attach the... More

DIY Chocolate Surprise Eggs For Easter

Easter is soon, and I’m sure that your kids and just guests will be excited with these yummy eggs with surprises. You’ll need white chocolate candy melts , color candy melts of your choice, small candies or toys to fit inside eggs. Melt chocolate in microwave in 30 second intervals (to make pastel colors, mix white candy... More

11 Cool DIY Entry Benches And Footstools

We’ve just told you about entry doormats, so now let’s talk about the furniture that you want to see in your hallway. First of all, it’s a bench where you can sit to put on your shoes or booties, and maybe store some things. There are many ways to make one, starting from an old coffee table renovation to an old door... More

Bright DIY Wrapped Leather Cuff

This DIY wrapped leather cuff is very easy to make and the cost is minimal. If you choose bright shades of leather, it’ll look amazing with your colorful spring dresses. The supplies are a blank cuff bracelet, scraps of leather and extra strength craft glue. Cut 2 strips of leather that measure 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2... More

10 Simple And Cute DIY Entryway Doormats

A doormat is a necessary thing for every home not to take much dirt home. But you can also continue your home décor or make an accent with it making it of the materials you like and with patterns you prefer. So, what are the variants? You can make a geometric, polka dot mat using fabric paints and a simple mat. A space... More