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DIY Industrial Lantern From Metal Clamps

This is a super easy and relatively inexpensive project to add some mood lighting to a porch or outdoor space, thanks to babybugjournals.com. The supplies are 6″ metal clamps, 4″ duct cap, S-Hooks, 4′ section of chain link, candles. Take 3 metal clamps and do your best to fit them together into a circle shape.... More

DIY Summer Burlap Wreath With Succulents

Decorate your front door for summer! Today we are sharing a craft from sisterssuitcaseblog.com with everybody’s love – succulents! To make this wreath prepare an 18″ plain straw wreath, some faux succulents and other greenery, it covered the wreath easily and provided a neutral backdrop for the beautiful succulents. Leave... More

15 Stylish DIY Cutting Boards That Are Comfy In Using

A cutting board is a necessary thing in every kitchen because even if you cook not often, cutting vegetables or cheese or even serving food can’t do without a board. That’s why today I’m sharing a roundup of cool boards – thick, thin, colorful and classic, wooden and marble and so on. A thick board is actual and you can... More

Citrus Glow: DIY Orange Rind Luminaries

Orange rind luminaries make beautiful handmade table toppers. Their natural glow and subtle scent create a festive mood as the sun dips down. To make them you’ll need oranges, a sharp knife, a spoon, 1-2″ cookie cutter, a carving tool and tea lights. Using a sharp knife, cut your orange into half at the two-thirds mark from... More

DIY Cardboard Squirrel Tablet Stand

I’ve found the easiest tablet stand ever at mywhiteideadiy.com.es, and I’m hurrying to share it with you! This is a cute little squirrel of paperboard – or you can shape it as some other animal. You’ll need just paperboard, scissors, a cutter, a silicone gun and a magazine. Cut the template, draw the template on the... More

7 DIY Log Holders And Store Ideas For Outdoors

If you have a wood stove, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, then you probably have some firewood around. How can you store it in a comfy and stylish way? Of course, you’ll need a holder or a store, and this roundup will help you to choose one. You can make a store of wood building kind of a big wooden rack, or a small shed... More

DIY Strawberry-Shaped Cutting Board

We’ve already told you of some fruity and berry décor ideas for summer, and here’s one more idea to the list, it’s a strawberry-shaped cutting board. The supplies are an untreated wooden board approximately 50 x50 cm, a pencil, a saw with a thin blade, a burner, alembic, neutral oil and cloth. Draw with a pencil the... More

Stylish DIY Live Botanical Artwork

Botanical-inspired crafts are actual all year round: in spring and summer they bring nature inside and in fall and winter they remind you of summer. Get inspired by this botanical artwork from dreamgreendiy.com and let’s realize it! Lay your cut flowers on a white background with their stems meeting at the bottom. After... More

7 Functional And Cool DIY Outdoor Storage Benches

If you like spending time outdoors, you probably have a balcony, a terrace, a deck or something else, and you need smart furniture that would be functional and stylish at the same time. I think that a bench with storage is a must for every outdoor space because it’s a very functional piece: you can sit on it and hide... More

DIY Industrial Wardrobe Racks For You And Your Kid

To teach your kid keep his or her things in order, you can make wardrobe racks for yourself and the kid because children like to do the same as grownups. Beckhamandbelle blog presented this tutorial, and to realize it you’ll need 1 pc pine wood, 2″ x 12″ x 4′, 1 pc pine wood, 2″ x 12″ x 3′,... More