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Easy And Cheap DIY Laundry Detergent

Why are homemade remedies better than bought ones? Because you can choose the ingredients that are non-allergic and useful for health and you can save some money making them. Wanna save some money and make a good laundry detergent? Here’s a recipe that works! You’ll need 1 cup washing soda (not baking soda!), 1 cup Borax, 1... More

9 DIY Cabinet Revamps That You’ll Like

We continue telling you how to renovate different old furniture pieces giving them a new look and new life. Yesterday you found out how to renovate a coffee table and today we’ll see how to revamp an old cabinet. The easiest way to do that is to paint your cabinet using colors and patterns you like: stripes, geometric... More

15 Awesome DIY Coffee Table Makeovers

If you have an old and ugly or boring coffee table, we’ve got a bunch of ideas for you to change it! The easiest idea to renovate a coffee table is, of course, to paint it the color or colors you like, or just stain it. Use various stencils like herringbone, floral patterns, stripes and other cool geometric patterns. Paint... More

12 DIY Tiki Torches And Bug Repellent Lanterns

We’ve just told you about bug repellent candles for you to spend time outdoors with pleasure, and today we continue the bug-protection topic with tiki torches and bug repellent lanterns that will not only protect you from insects but also will add a cozy touch to your outdoor décor. Lanterns are mostly made of mason jars... More

DIY Wood Hanger Necklace Holder

Every girl has a lot of jewelry, and today we’ll tell you how to make the easiest necklace holder ever! The idea is extremely simple – making it of a wood hanger! The supplies are not many, and you won’t need any skills to make it. Genial, thanks to Dwell Beautiful! You can read the whole tutorial with pictures... More

The Best Roundups To Improve Your Home of June 2014

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best roundups to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during June 2014. 9 Creative DIY Summer Party Seats And Benches 9 Extremely Easy Duct Tape DIYs For Home Décor... More

The Best DIY and How-To Tutorials To Improve Your Home of June 2014

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best tutorials to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during June 2014. Stylish DIY Gold Industrial Rail System DIY Gold Etagere From An IKEA... More

11 DIY Bug Repellent Candles To Keep Insects Away

Planning an outdoor party? Or just like to stay outdoors and enjoy fresh air? Then you need to keep mosquitoes away not to get bitten! An easy and cool way to do that is to make bug repellent candles, which are not only great to keep the bugs away but also great for décor. The main component for such candles is citronella oil,... More

DIY Copper Pipe And Wood Slice Side Table

I love using stumps and natural rough wood for home décor, and if you also, then you’ll love this amazing side table! Prepare a wood slice, a bench vice, copper pipe, saddle clips, screws and a screwdriver, pipe bending spring and pipe bender. Use tape to mark out the width of your wood slice on the first copper pipe. Make... More

Funny And Colorful DIY Stencil Stepping Stones

Wanna make your garden or just front porch? Make these funny stepping stones! You’ll need Honey Bee stencil, concrete pavers, weather-resistant acrylic craft paints, foam brushes, painter’s tape. Start by placing your stencil in the middle of the stone and taping it down with a couple strips of painter’s tape.... More