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DIY Space-Saving Folding Side Table

A folding table is a perfect idea for any small space, it’s also mobile. To make this one you’ll need 1/2-inch MDF board, 3/4-inch plywood, tape measure, a pencil, a jigsaw, a circular saw, a drill with 1-inch spade, double-sided tape, a router with 1-inch flush trim router bit, sandpaper and satin polyurethane. Measure and... More

15 DIY Fall Pumpkin Centerpieces For Any Occasion

Pumpkins are really a symbol of the fall, and they are used for fall decor everywhere, from mantels to porches. If you are planning a party or some other occasion, a pumpkin centerpiece is a must, it’ll look awesome and on point. Take a pumpkin and turn it into a vase for fall flowers – it’s the easiest way to do that.... More

DIY Upcycled Sweater Hurricane Candleholder Wraps

A couple of hurricane candleholders can be given a cool fall touch with these wraps. The supplies are a vase, a sweater, scissors, pins, needle and thread, a pillar candle. Cut the sleeve from the sweater at the seam where it connects with the body. Turn it inside out. Slide the cut sleeve, inside out, over a clean vase until... More

Simple DIY Fabric Tile Coasters To Make

We’ve seen a lot of tile coasters but in the fall we all want something softer and cozier, so let’s soften them with fabric! Prepare 4″ square white ceramic tiles, mod podge glue, 1/2 yard of fabric, 1″ foam paint brush, scissors, a pencil, a ruler. Begin by laying out your fabric and either measure out a 4″ square or... More

12 Bold And Eye-Catching DIY Leaf Wreaths For Fall Decor

We’ve been sharing a lot of fall decor ideas lately but we’ve missed the most natural thing in fall decor – fall leaves! That’s why today i’m going to correct this mistake and tell you about fall leaf wreaths. We all know that natural leaves are hard to preserve, so we can substitute them with fabric, tin, cardboard... More

Industrial Vibe: DIY Giant Macrame Rope Lights

Industrial lights are super hot, and you can make one without spending much money and without any skills! Prepare rope or cording, lamp cord, a socket kit, a small vessel, glue. Find the center of your cording and place it behind the lamp wire. Take the left side and put it over the front of the lamp wire. And under the right... More

Easy DIY Modern Cake Stand In A Minute

Need a cool and modern cake stand without much fuss or money wastes? Here’s a tutorial from earnesthomeco.com! The supplies are a plate, a candle holder, a dab of glue. All you need to do is just glue around the edge of the candleholder with a very strong adhesive. Firmly stick the votive holder onto the bottom of the plate... More

11 DIY Twig Wreaths You Should Recreate This Fall

Twigs are a great material for fall, winter and spring decor, and they are very affordable – just gather some yourself! Twigs will really bring some natural vibe to your decor and they are very durable, so you can use them outdoors. If you think that twigs are too simple and may seem boring, then you can add a couple of... More

Cute DIY Watercolor Coffee Filter Wreath

Who could imagine that coffee filters can be a base for a cool craft? They can! Prepare a wreath base of foam, sew pins, 1 package coffee filter, watercolor and a paint brush. For this wreath, use pins to attach the coffee filter to the wreath base so you can hang it on the front door. Fold the coffee filters half, then fold... More

DIY Fall Acorns With Pinecones And Twine

We’ve just told you of acorns for fall deocr, and today we are sharing a tutorial to make faux acorns that are original and durable. The supplies are Easter eggs, spray paint, twine, pinecones, hot glue gun & glue, Mod Podge and glitter. First, spray painte the easter eggs. Give them two coats of white paint, then spray... More

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