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The Best Roundups To Improve Your Home of March 2014

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best roundups to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during March 2014. 10 Simple And Cute DIY Entryway Doormats 7 DIY Ways To Hide A Pet Litter... More

The Best DIY and How-To Tutorials To Improve Your Home of March 2014

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best tutorials to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during March 2014. DIY Craft Storage House Organizer Easy DIY Bedside Table Makeover... More

14 Awesome DIY Entryway Wall Decorations

We’ve already told you of some cool entryway projects for storage, and now let’s talk about décor. What projects can you make for entryway wall décor? First of all, these are letters – of rope, cardboard or fabric – you can write anything you like with these letters. A ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign looks in the entryway... More

DIY iPhone Cover Of Hama Mini Beads

Some people say that hama beads are mostly for kids but have you ever used them in crafting? If you haven’t, you just have to make this iPhone cover! The supplies are an iPhone case, hama mini beads, glue, two four-sided pegboards that can be put together, baking paper, iron and tweezers. Arrange the beads in some pattern:... More

Tiny DIY Marble Clay Eggs For Easter

Easter is not so close, but why not get prepared for it beforehand? These cute tiny Easter eggs would be a cool favor or a nice toy for your kids. To make ones you’ll need Fimo clay of any desired color, a knife. To make marble clay just cut white and colorful clay into small pieces and mix them. Then make a roll and continue... More

8 Creative DIY Coat Hangers For Your Entryway

Where do you hang your coats and maybe handbags? If you want to make a cool coat hanger without wasting much money or applying many skills, you’ll love this tutorial! Got some driftwood? Use it for a coat hanger! Just attach some hooks and voila! Wooden poles can also compose a cool coat hanger – just attach them to one... More

Beautiful DIY White Flowers Chandelier

This sweet chandelier is inspired by Design Sponge where it was called Pajaki. You’ll need coffee filters, plain paper, a hot glue gun, white embroidery floss, and one large quilting hoop and the small hoop. Start by covering the hoops in the thread, just wrapping it tightly around. Now make the flowers. Just fluff the... More

DIY Gold Leaf Vases Or Votives For Decor

These beautiful gold leaf vases can become a cool home decoration for any season. The supplies are a gold leaf, a gold leaf adhesive, a brush for the adhesive, a big brush, small glasses or votives. Put the glue on your glasses where you want the gold leaf to go. The glue has to dry for a while. For how long depends on your... More

9 Simple DIY Entryway Mirrors You Can Make

We can’t do without mirrors in the entryway because we want to know how we look, girl would like to apply some lip gloss and use a hair comb. In case this mirror has a shelf – it’s priceless! Let’s see what mirrors you can make for your hallway. So, as I said, a mirror with a shelf is an ideal variant – make like that... More

DIY Tillandsia Garden Of A Big Terra Cotta Star Ball

This home garden is based on a big terra cotta star ball, which is actually meant to have a light inside. If can’t find any, take a lantern with cutouts or a bird cage. Start by arranging the top, which is a melody of air plants, and work your way down.  It’s a matter of what looks pleasing and somewhat balanced to your... More