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Fast DIY IKEA Hack: Copper End Table

Got a tray you don’t need? Here’s an amazing idea to use it from poppytalk.com! Prepare a round melamine tray, a vintage or new folding camping stool, spray paint, newspaper, velcro with sticky back. Just place a clean dry tray face up on some newspaper, and start to spray to cover the original design on the tray. Let dry... More

9 DIY Roman Shades Tutorials To Block Excessive Sunlight

Blinds are super actual in spring and summer to block excessive sunlight but you can also use them for accentuating the windows or to get some privacy. Make some roman shades for various rooms – you can use them everywhere from your kitchen to your bathroom. Choose the fabric – it may continue your interior décor or it may... More

Simple DIY Bathtub Tray With Brass Handles

A bathtub tray is a must because it’s so convenient! You can put there a cup of tea, a book, a mobile, a tablet, a scrub or a bowl with some mask or oil, so let’s make one with this tutorial from fiftytwoweekendsofdiy.com. First, measure the edge-to-edge width of the bathtub, then find a piece of wood and a pair of brass... More

Trendy DIY Stained Hexagon Wall Shelves

Geometric décor is one of the hottest modern trends, let’s follow it making these awesome geo wall shelves from sheknows.com. You’ll need pinewood boards, a saw, a nail gun or hammer and nails, stainable wood filler, sandpaper, a paintbrush, paint pads, wood stain, paint and picture hanging brackets. Cut the wood with a... More

11 Sweet DIY Shabby Chic Lamps And Lights

A shabby chic lamp is a must for many interiors, from vintage to glam and girlish ones, and they are so easy to make that you’ll be surprised. A rosette lamp or lampshade is a cool shabby chic-inspired idea that is quick and simple to realize: take some paper or fabric roses and attach them to the lampshade – and a new cute... More

DIY Painted Faux Ceramic Drawer Pulls

Remember our roundup dedicated to creative drawer pulls and knobs? This tutorial from makeandfable.com wasn’t on the list, so check it out! You’ll need drawer knobs, white paint/primer, blue gloss paint, metallic paint, brushes, fine sandpaper, a pencil and eraser. Paint the knobs white, using either a basic white acrylic... More

Trendy And Quick DIY Watercolor Clock

Watercolor décor is the hottest trend right now, so rock it making this watercolor clock from sheknows.com. The supplies are a clock, watercolor paper, watercolor paint, a paint palette, a paintbrush, scissors, a pen and spray adhesive. Carefully disassemble the clock, removing any glass and the hands from the clock. Trace... More

9 Beautiful DIY Shabby Chic Mirrors To Bring The Charm

A beautiful vintage mirror is an indispensable part of every shabby chic interior, so if you decided to create one, you need a mirror for sure. I’ve prepared some cool tutorials for you to choose from, let’s have a look. You need an old frame, better vintage-looking, sand it and prep for painting or spray painting. Choose... More

Quick DIY Wooden Tribal Art Piece

Need a creative art piece for your wall? Here’s a cool idea from hashtagblessedblog.com! Take a wooden painter’s canvas and stain it with 2 coats of Provencial Stain by Minwax. It’s just slightly larger than a 5×7 picture frame. Use some chevron shaped wood veneers, and once the canvas is dried, play around with chevron... More

DIY Rustic End Table From Tree Stump Slice

Tree stumps can be a great source of inspiration and material for crafts, today we gonna make this tree stump end table from ehow.com. The supplies are a tree stump slice, a broom, a hand planer, a palm sander, medium-grit sandpaper, hairpin legs, 9 wood screws, #10 1-inch, a screwdriver, a wood stabilizer, a paintbrush,... More