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18 Amazing DIY Indoor Halloween Decorations

It’s time for original Halloween ideas, let’s look at your home! This holiday is unique, go for some special and whimsy indoor decorations: ghost catchers, buntings, spiders and spider webs and bats – and that’s not all! Got a cactus? Turn it into a mummy! Have some flowers? Decorate them with webs! If you are a fan of... More

Lovely DIY Color Blocked Rope Planter

Everyone loves a hanging planter these days, so here’s a rope inspired version complete with color blocking effect. You’ll need a length of braided rope, a bowl or pot, craft paint & paint brush/sponge, gold embroidery thread, macrame thread & wide needle, a glue gun. First, mix your paint colors and paint blocks of... More

DIY Colorful Wine Cork Mosaic

We’ve already told you of cool cork crafts, and here’s one more idea: a cork mosaic (or a pinboard) for décor. The supplies are a sharp knife, paint, two pins and good adhesive, some wine corks. Cut every wine cork in six slices. Dip the corks with the help of two pins directly into the paint. Everyone who wants to save... More

8 Great DIY Halloween Crafts For Outdoor Décor

Halloween is coming! Have you prepared for the scariest party of the year? Of course, you have a couple of cool decorations but what about outdoors? The decorations for outdoors have to be waterproof and durable as bad weather can destroy them. Door wreaths are the most popular and simplest ideas – you can make any wreath you... More

How To Make A Vintage Secret Book

I’ve always loved the idea of making secret boxes from books; the kind where you pull out a book from the shelves, lift the cover and find instead a beautiful box full of exciting things.  It’s like finding a treasure! Let’s make a storage of a vintage book. Take a book and consider its size and thickness. Decide on your... More

Romantic And Fun DIY Polka Dot Planter Pots

Let’s have a look at the new idea to decorate planters! To give your plants a new stylish home you’ll need flower pots, sandpaper, colorful paints, a black marker, an acrylic sealer. First of all, gently sandpaper your pots to smooth out the surfaces and then wash them with water to remove all the dust. Once they are dry... More

11 DIY Coffee Stations Made With Style

I love coffee! There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning with a big cup of coffee and its amazing aroma just inspires! If you like coffee and drink it often, then organizing a cool coffee station is necessary for your home. Basically, a coffee bar is some piece of furniture for storage: a table, a sideboard or a... More

Elegant DIY Copper Peg Shelves

We’ve already told you of some copper crafts – they look very elegant and just amazing! Copper detailing can make anything look very stylish and eye-catching, that’s why today I offer you to make these cool copper peg shelves. You’ll need 11 feet of 1” copper pipe  cut to (12) 11” pieces, ”x36” wooden dowels... More

Stylish DIY Minimal Brass Jewelry Hanger

I’m sure that you, girls, have lots of accessories, and to store all of them there’s nothing better than a holder or a hanger. This hanger is done in minimal style, so it looks very elegant. The supplies are a brass tube, rope, s-hooks, scissors, pliers, wrench, crochet thread. Open up the s-hooks using pliers and a wrench.... More

Rustic Perfection: 17 DIY Twine Crafts For Your Home

I love rustic décor as it’s very cozy and so inspiring! It’s kind of warming up, and today I’ve gathered a bunch of DIYs right in this style – some twine crafts. I think that the main advantage of twine is that crafts with it are extremely easy and are suitable even for unskilled crafters, including kids – they’ll... More