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6 Creative And Easy DIY IKEA Hol Table Hacks

Hol table by IKEA is a cool and simple piece that is a coffee or side table with a storage space inside. This adorable idea of a storage space makes it amazing for using for various purposes. Of course, you can use it as it is and put in your living room, or, if you need a bedside table, you can add a couple of trendy legs and... More

Super Cute And Fun DIY Instagram In A Box

I can’t live a day without Instagram, and you? There’s a pretty cool gift for those who love it, or for yourself to keep the best pics at hand. For this Insta box you’ll need a rounded square paper mache box, black and white cardstock cut into concentric circles, heart punched or cut from red cardstock, red, blue, green... More

Simple DIY Gallows Wall Lamp To Make

This simple wall lamp will be perfect for a working space, a bedroom in case you have no place for a table lamp, or a cozy reading nook. To make one you’ll need transparent glue, scissors, yarn, a big craft stapler, a small lamp shade, a bulb holder with cable and an EKBY bracket. Cut off a long thread of yarn. How long the... More

6 Extremely Simple DIY IKEA Oddvar Stool Hacks

Oddvar stool is a simple wooden piece by IKEA, without any special features, and that allows hacking and using it as you like! First of all, you may use it as a stool, and if you don’t like the original color, you can always stencil or color block its legs – it’s very trendy and won’t take much time. Oddvar can be used... More

DIY Burlap Pinboard With A Brass Pin Frame

Pinboards are great for pinning your pics and mems; usually such boards are made from cork but why not make it a bit more original covering with burlap? Prepare a canvas board, brass pins, burlap fabric, rolled corkboard with adhesive back, a staple gun, artwork. First step is to unroll your corkboard and measure it to fit over... More

Elegant DIY Faux Marble Table Lamp

Marble is classics that never goes out of style but it’s quite expensive. If you want to get a cool marble piece for your home décor without spending much money, make this faux marble lamp. The supplies are a lamp, marble contact paper, a ruler, a pencil and scissors. Measure the height of the white portion of the lamp, then... More

8 Awesome And Original DIY IKEA Hemnes Dresser Hacks

Hemnes is one more awesome piece from IKEA, and as always – it’s kind of a blank sheet of paper, perfect ready for your painting and creating. Look at your interior and decide what style you need, then take spray or usual paints, paintbrushes if needed, sandpaper and maybe new knobs or pulls. Sand the dresser and start... More

Minimalist DIY Faux Granite Bookends

Sometimes we can’t find a place for storing books, and a couple of bookends can help to fix them in any place. The supplies are a milk carton, scissors, packing tape, rapid set concrete, a mixing tub, a stirrer, a cylindrical object, sandpaper, painter’s tape and granite spray paint. Start off by cutting your milk carton in... More

DIY Roman Numeral Wedding Date Art

Getting ready for your big day? Make this wedding date art for décor! You’ll need 36″ x 48″ canvas, wooden letters, acrylic paint, a foam brush, 3 cans of satin white spray paint, E-6000 glue, canned air, 180 grit sanding sponge, 320 grit finishing sandpaper, paper towels, tape measure, a ruler, a pencil, a... More

17 Creative DIY IKEA Malm Dresser Renovations

Malm dresser by IKEA really stimulates your imagination! A blank dresser can be renovated into something so personal and original that you won’t take your eyes off! Remember all the crafting techniques and get all materials to change your dresser into a super peculiar one. Paint it, take away some of the drawers, stencil, add... More

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