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Cool DIY Crocheted Leather Flap Clutch

A clutch is the most elegant and stylish handbag, I think. If you like crochet and leather things, you’ll love this one! To make it, you’ll need slip knot, chain, single crochet, weave in ends, a scrap piece of leather or vinyl about 8×10 inches, a leather punch, medium worsted weight yarn, an F hook, sharp scissors, 1... More

DIY Gold Painted Geo Planters

We’ve already told you how to make different planters and how to decorate them. Let’s realize on more cool idea – these geo planters as geometric designs are getting more and more popular. You’ll need Gold Leaf Rub ‘n Buff, planters, metallic filler. Just apply Gold Leaf Rub ‘n Buff with your finger, remove... More

10 Lavender Beauty DIYs For Skin Care In Spring

Lavender has lots of properties and is suitable for almost every type of skin. It’s ideal for taking care of sensitive skin as it eliminates reddenings and discomfort. Lavender is on top of products to take care of oily skin, to eliminate pimples and acnes. That’s why today we’ll tell you of some beauty products with... More

DIY Wall Mason Jar Planter

Mason jars are fantastic for crafting, they are almost an inexhaustible source of ideas. Let’s make a mason jar planter, you’ll need wood, a mason jar, a pipe clamp large enough to fit around your mason jar, 1 screw, 2 long nails, 1 strong fat nail, an electric drill, pebbles, soil, and a plant. First before anything else... More

Small DIY Vintage Table Of A Cutting Board

How can you transform a vintage cutting board into a small table? Easily! For the project you’ll need a vintage cutting board, wood glue, sand paper, glossy finish, little wooden legs. Sand the legs in case you need it, and then decide how you want to attach the legs – with nails or screws or maybe just using the wood glue... More

5 DIY Ceiling Mounted Bed Canopies

Beds with canopies are romantic though some people think that they are old-fashioned, retro and vintage are in trend, so why not make one? There are different ways to hang a canopy above the bed but attaching it to the ceiling is a very original idea, I think. You’ll need to attach rails to the ceiling and then choose some... More

Easy And Quick DIY Marbled Trainers

If you’ve got a pair of simple trainers and you want to renovate them or just pimp up, you’ll need masking tape, water, nail varnish. Masking tape off any sections you don’t want to get marbled. Pour a couple of inches of water into a container that is large enough to fit the shoe. First pour clear nail varnish into... More

Romantic DIY Air Plants Display

Got some air plants and want to display them? There’s a cool and romantic way to do that! The supplies are a piece of galvanized steel chicken wire; some air plants; and a pair of metal snip pliers to help you with the cutting. First you’ll need to trace a heart shape on the wire. After this you can start cutting but... More

5 Beautifully Painted DIY Ceilings

Painting a ceiling is not that difficult, and almost every person can do it but what if you want to make a statement or an accent with it, then you’ll need something more original. We’ve already told you how to cover a ceiling with wood or stencil it, not it’s time to talk about originally painted ceilings. Metallic... More

Industrial Vintage DIY Wall Lamp

Industrial vintage lamps are on top right now as they have their own charm. Let’s make one for your space (preferably a bedroom), the supplies are Make-A-Lamp kit, craft jute, multi-purpose glue, pliers/wire strippers, a bag clip, vintage-style light bulb. First, make sure your cord is not plugged in. Thread the cord through... More