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DIY Summer-Inspired Coconut Lime Body Scrub

This cool summer- and cocktails-inspired body scrub will help you to keep your skin soft and moisturized. Take 1 cup salt, 1 cup coconut oil, 3 lime peels, 2 x 250 ml jars. Half fill the saucepan or double boiler base with water and bring to a simmer. Seat the bowl on the saucepan of hot water or fit the double boiler top. Put... More

12 Cool DIY Trash Can Makeovers

An ugly trash can spoil any interior design, no matter how much time you spent for it. Renovate your trash can to avoid it! There are ideas and ways for any colors and any interior – from painting to fabric. Love Star Wars? Make an R2D2 trash can! Take wallpaper or newspapers and decorate your trash can using mod podge. Of... More

Spring-Inspired DIY Big Flower Lamp

We’ve already told you of a flower lampshade, and here’s one more idea – a flower lamp that looks like a real big flower! What a cool craft for spring! The supplies are a pair of scissors, needle nose pliers, a sponge, decoupage glue, 12 stems of aluminum wire, a socket with a LED bulb, 30cm of cotton fabric, pins, a leaf... More

DIY Ed Roth Stenciled Mirror

This mirror is not kind of a real mirror but mostly a decoration, so prepare a door mirror, a sponge brush, masking tape, a temporary or move-able spray adhesive, Ed Roth stencil, FolkArt Multi-surface paint. The stencil is 12 x 12 inches and the pattern is fresh and not dated. I don’t know how many times I go through the... More

8 Cool DIYs For Vintage Easter Décor

Vintage is a very popular style in every area today, so if you want some vintage charm for this cute holiday, the tutorials below will help you. Decoupage is a great technique to create something vintage, so use this idea for decorating Easter eggs or tableware. Doilies can also become a nice idea, for example, you can make a... More

Chic DIY Trash Can Makeover

Everyone has a trash can at home, or maybe several ones. Are they pretty? If they are not, why not to renovate the cans so that they would look stylish? The supplies are a gold leaf, mod podge, snake print wrapping paper. Tape the numbers off a few times and re-paint to make sure that there wasn’t any bleeding from white... More

Fun DIY Clay Bunny Bowls For Easter

Easter is not far, so it’s time to make some decorations for your home to celebrate the holiday at its best. To make these funny clay bowls you’ll need air dry clay, acrylic craft paint, a rolling pin, a sharpie oil-based paint marker, a paintbrush, glass bowls and sandpaper. Roll out air dry clay on smooth surface like... More

15 Rustic Easter DIYs That You’ll Love

If you’ve decided to have a rustic Easter, that’s a cool idea! Burlap, twine, paper, even moss and twigs will be your materials. Don’t want to paint eggs like everybody does? Wrap them with twine, moss, felt or make string eggs for décor – it’s an original décor solution and rustic, too. Grapevine wrapped around a... More

DIY Embroidered Felt Easter Eggs

If you want some original Easter decorations, let’s make these felt eggs. Prepare wool roving, 1 bowl warm, soapy water, 1 bowl lukewarm water, scissors, cotton embroidery thread, a 3″ long needle. Tear a small strip of wool roving and roll into a loose ball in your hand. Dip ball in bowl of warm soapy water, submerging... More

Yummy-Looking DIY Donut Necklace

Do you like donuts like I do? If you do, you’ll love this cool donut-inspired necklace! The supplies are a pool noodle, ribbon, a serrated knife, an assortment of scrapbooking embellishments and tacky glue. Cut the pool noodle, with a serrated knife, into 1 inch rings. Place a small amount of glue onto one side of the pool... More