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5 Awesome DIY Metal Headboards

Metal is not the most popular material to make a headboard but today we’ll show you how cool it may look. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear ‘a metal headboard’, is an industrial one, made of pipes, and you easily do that. A corrugated metal headboard is an original idea and won’t take much time – just... More

DIY Neon Sign To Create An Atmosphere

Neon signs are hot and cool because they make the space look cooler and create an atmosphere. To make one you’ll need El Wire, a pencil, pins, an inverter and plywood board. Take your board and with a pencil write the word you would like to see shining bright in your room. Then take some pins and place theme wherever... More

Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Pillow

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day? How about making a cool heart pillow? The supplies are 1/2 yard wool or cotton for the front of the pillow, 3/4 yard cotton muslin for the back, scraps of felt for the hearts, basic sewing supplies. Cut an 18″ x 18″ piece of your main fabric for your pillow front.  Cut your hearts from... More

12 Cool DIY Wooden Headboards

Wood is the most popular material for headboards, all you need to make one is some wood and wood-working skills. So, there are hundreds of DIY ideas for you – from rustic to glam style. You can use reclaimed wood and then decorate it any way you like – a rustic burlap bunting, some paintings or colorful nails. Painting a... More

DIY IKEA Hack: A Rail Into A Scarf Display

IKEA hacks are extremely popular because their pieces are like a canvas for work! Today we’ll remake FINTORP rail into a scarf display. You know that storing all those girlish things is a hard work because there can’t be enough space for all of them. So, I think that a smart scarf display is a necessary thing in your room,... More

Industrial DIY Steel Pipe Chandelier

We’ve already told you of cool industrial lamps to make, and here’s one piece – it’s a steel pipe light fixture. You’ll need 4 nipples, a floor flange, a reducer, a tee, a square head plug, a pipe and budget-friendly lightbulbs. Fix the elements like it’s shown on the pictures and paint them if you like; wire the... More

5 Cool DIY Headboards With Lights

A headboard with lights is a very cool thing because it’s not only functional but also very romantic and comfy! It’s an especially good idea for those who like to sleep with lights on. We’ve picked up 5 hottest DIY ideas of such headboards, so you can make them yourself! A headboard with backlit LEDs is a stylish idea and... More

How To Turn An Old Chair Into A Colorful Rocker

You can easily change an old chair into a colorful rocking one! Such a chair will help you to make an  accent not only in your living room but also in the kids’ room. To do that you’ll need a chair, two solid wood boards, a bucket of acrylic paint, four screws, a jigsaw, a drill, a pencil, paper and some tools. Draw the... More

Rustic DIY Towel Organizer

We’ve already told you of some bathroom storage ideas, and here’s one more idea to store the towels – a simple towel organizer. You’ll need whitewood planks, one 10″w and another 8″, hooks, wood glue and nails. Attach the boards at 90 degrees angle using nails and glue. After the glue dried, stain the pieces using a... More

10 Amazing DIY Upholstered Headboards

If you’ve decided to renovate your headboard, upholstering it can be the most elegant and easy idea – you needn’t much money or skills. The choice you should make is what fabric you’ll like – cheap oil cloth, tuft, cotton or whatever you wish – in any colors that are suitable for your bedroom décor. A cool idea is... More