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10 DIY Geometric Wall Art Pieces

Geometric designs are very trendy today, and many designers use these patterns in their work. You can also bring these motifs into your home making some wall art pieces. Choose the shapes and colors you prefer, the way you like to craft and turn on your creativity! The easiest way is to paint the shapes but you can also... More

DIY Upcycled Vintage Painted Dresser

How can you upcycle a dresser? Easily! You’ll need an old dresser, primer, paint of the color you like, sanding paper and spray paint for the hardware. Take an old dresser, and after a quick sanding and minor patching, apply 3 coats of primer. Always take the time to apply several thin coats and let it dry for plenty of time... More

DIY Constellation Side Table Renovation

Continuing the topic of furniture renovation, I’d like to share this fun tutorial with you. You’ll need a side table, acrylic paint in the favorite colors, a brush, tape, a drill or screwdriver. First, divide round top with a tape in two halves. Then apply your acrylic paint, let dry after each layer. Now paint the legs,... More

15 DIY Watercolor Projects For Home Décor

Do you like to paint? If you do, this roundup is for you because today we are talking about watercolor DIYs. Watercolor decorations are very trendy today, and you needn’t buy an expensive watercolor rug or painting while you can do it yourself. Watercolor wall art is so romantic, just buy some paints, paper and brushes and... More

DIY Fun Coin Purse Of A Tennis Ball

Do you have spare tennis balls? Ready to turn them into fun and practical purses? You’ll need a tennis ball, felt, a pen knife, scissors and glue. Cut open the ball somewhere around the U-shape curvy point with your pen knife, about 2 cm high. When you think you have cut deep enough, just squeeze the ball a bit and it will... More

How To Turn A Vintage Thermos Into A Lamp

We’ve turned many objects into lamps already but a thermos! So unexpected! Looking forward to share it with you! You’ll need a thermos, a Make-A-Lamp Kit, a drill with 3/8″ drill bit, 3/8″ rubber grommet and safety glasses. Mark the spot you want to drill with masking tape just in case the bit slips. Drill the... More

23 DIY Polka Dot Projects For Home Décor

It’s summer and it’s time to add some color and fun patterns to your décor! What about polka dot? It’s rustic, fun and so cutie! You can use this pattern almost everywhere: on the walls, on the glassware, on the napkins and tablecloths, on furniture, rugs and accessories, have a look! Making polka dot things is very... More

DIY Concrete Candle Holders Using Plastic Bottles

Concrete furniture and décor pieces are very popular today because they are easy to DIY and look very modern and hot. We are looking forward to share a cool tutorial of concrete candleholders with you! You’ll need concrete mix, recycled bottles, a bucket, a sifter, scissors, a small saw, a razor blade, cooking spray, a small... More

DIY Triangle Leather Earbud Holder

Do your earbuds often tangle? Then you need a cool earbud holder to avoid it! The supplies are scrap leather, a multi-hole leather punch, scissors, 7 mm screw back studs. Fold your leather piece in half and cut a triangle shape. When you open the piece you will have a diamond shape. Using your largest hole punch, punch a hole... More

The Best Roundups To Improve Your Home of July 2014

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best roundups to improve your home which we’ve covered on Shelterness during July 2014. 15 Awesome DIY Coffee Table Makeovers 13 Eye-Catching DIY Nightstand... More