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How To Refashion Your Old Umbrella: 11 Ideas

It’s always raining in the fall and everybody is hurrying up somewhere with an umbrella, so why not make it original to accentuate your look? If you have a stylish transparent or just one-color umbrella, you can just write some words with permanent markers in the colors you like. A galaxy painted inside your umbrella will... More

Easy 2×4 Pumpkins For Fall And Thanksgiving Decor

2 x 4 pumpkins are ideal as a Thanksgiving centerpiece or for mantel décor, so let’s make them! The supplies are sandpaper, Folk Art Multi Surface Satin Acrylic Paint, a paintbrush, Wood Grain Stencil, plaid spouncers, a dry branch, a hot glue gun, ribbon, leaves, raffia, berries, a paper shipping tag. Cut 3 pieces off your... More

DIY Upcycled Sweater Slipper Boots

Guys, it’s so cold outside! It’s high time to put on something warm and comfy, so let’s make easy sweater slippers. You’ll need scissors, pins, yarn, a large darning needle, and an old sweater. Make a rough outline of your foot on a piece of paper or cardstock. Give yourself about 1.5cm of extra space around the edge... More

11 Yummy Apple Crafts To Get A Fall Mood

Apples like pumpkins are a fall symbol and their delicious aroma makes you fell autumn. You can decorate your home and table using natural apples: make a wreath, a garland, a placecard or a candleholder. You can even make candles inside the apples and leave them floating on the water surface. Make some apple cozies like those... More

DIY Wood Letter Art For Thanksgiving

Let’s make some wood letter art for the coming Thanksgiving! You’ll need wood letters, acrylic craft paint, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, wood glue, a sanding tool, wood board. Paint the sides and back of the letters.  Paint the wood board. Trace the letters onto the scrapbook paper and cut out.  Apply Mod Podge to the... More

DIY Decorated Gold Planter Pot

These simple gold planter pots are easy to make and cool for décor! The supplies are Mod Melts, mold, a plain white planter and shiny gold spray paint. Make a whole pile of nests: put Mod Melts in a high heat glue gun and then squirt them into the mold. Let them cool, use dabs of Mod Podge Melt to adhere the nests to a plain... More

13 Pumpkin And Pumpkin Spice Crafts To Enjoy Fall Spirit

Fall is time of pumpkins! But you can use them not only for décor but also for skin care and eating. Pumpkin has many minerals and useful substances and it is nourishing, it soothes the skin and makes it glow – and so pumpkin spice does – that’s why many beauty products include pumpkins and there are lots of recipes.... More

DIY Mod Podge Botanical Pumpkins

Why not decorate pumpkins not with spray paint or glitter but with the pieces that are more natural? To make these natural-looking botanical pumpkins you’ll need faux white pumpkins, foliage stickers, Outdoor Mod Podge, a small foam paint brush. Make sure your pumpkins are clean and dry. Place stickers on the pumpkins in the... More

DIY Bat Costume For Your Cat

Not only you and your kids needs a costume for Halloween – so do your pets! Pets in costumes will make your party funnier and will add to the atmosphere. Today we’ll make a funny bat costume for your cat. Yyou’ll need felt, chalk, needle and thread, scissors, Velcro and measure tape. Draw a template on the felt with a... More

How To Make Edible Spoons

Edible spoons are amazing for any party or celebration! As Halloween and then Thanksgiving are coming, I think it’s high time to make some. You’ll need some dough, some spoon molds and an oven.  You need just to roll flat a piece of bread, punch out the spoon shape, press the cutout into the spoon and bake. Actually you... More