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Original DIY Geometric Leather Mouse Pad

Let’s make a leather mouse pad on the cheap and in three easy steps! You’ll need scrap of leather, an old mouse pad, spray adhesive, a rotary cutter, a long ruler or quilter’s ruler, chalk and a self healing mat. Spray a generous layer of adhesive to the top of the mouse pad and lay the leather on top. Take care to press... More

Turn Your Fridge Into A Gallery: 10 DIY Photo Magnets Tutorials

We all have a fridge at home and many of us have magnet backboards, especially those who have kids. Photo magnets is an awesome and very modern idea to turn your fridge or board into a real photo gallery! They’ll remind you of your last vacation, a day on the beach or your wedding, or something else no less precious to your... More

DIY Multi-Purpose Wood Roll-Up Tray

This wood roll-up tray is a mix of a travel valet tray, a hot food trivet, or a pad to set your laptop on – so functional! To make it you’ll need 4 strips of wood – 1.5″ wide x 1/4″ thick x 36″ long, a saw, a thick piece of felt of your choice, roughly 20 x 15″, wood glue and a rotary cutter.... More

DIY Cutting Board Wall Art For Kitchen Decor

Cutting boards are the most natural thing in the kitchen, so why not turn the old ones into a cool wall art? The supplies are wood cutting boards, wood letters from the craft store, paint, glue, jute twine and stain. Let’s start from distressing the boards: cut over and over in different places, and you can also beat up a... More

13 DIY Photo Coasters To Memorize The Happiest Moments

I love photos in the interior because they remind of the best moments in our lives. There are a lot of ways to incorporate photos into home décor, and that’s not only framing them and putting on the mantel – you can be super creative here! I’ve prepared a pack of awesome photo coasters that can not only become an awesome... More

DIY Wire Spool Wooden Stool With Upholstery

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve already seen a lots of original stools that you can make with your hands but today’s tutorial is super creative as Mabeyshemadeit blog offers to make a stool of wire spools! You’ll need 2 wire spools, pliers, wood stain, clear coat, a stapler and staples, foam, an electric... More

DIY Mint And Gold Foil Placemat

We’ve already told you about cool and creative placemats, and here’s one more project that Delineateyourdwelling blog had shared with us. The supplies are a burlap placemat, gold leaf, 18 sheet pack, metal leaf adhesive, wine cork, green acrylic paint and a sponge brush. Start by painting a basic rectangle shape with your... More

13 Creative DIY Photo Collages For Your Home Décor

Photos are the best way to memorize something or someone, to live and feel the same again, and though you can say that decorating with photos is a little bit old-fashioned, believe me – that’s not so! Photos needn’t be put into frames like before – you can make super creative photo collages for any room and just with... More

Cool DIY Dining Room Floating Shelves

If you need a good storage that won’t look bulky, try to make these floating shelves. The supplies are two 2″ x 3″ x 8′ pine boards, ripped down to: eight 7.75″ long pieces , two 48″ long pieces; one 1″ x 10″ x 8′ pine board, ripped down to: two 48″ long pieces; one 1″ x 4″ x 12′ pine board, ripped... More

DIY Felt Tic Tac Toe For Having Fun

This felt tic tac toe, that Oleanderandpalm blog had shared, is an awesome idea for parties and for having fun with kids. All you need is a little felt, some scissors and you can either sew the game board pieces together, or just glue them with felt glue. Cut two squares of felt. The bottom white piece is 16×16″ and... More