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DIY Desk With 2 Drawers From IKEA Malm

This cool minimalist desk can be easily made by yourself, just get some IKEA drawers and let’s hack them! The supplies are 2 x Malm drawers from Ikea, 1 x 2200 x 60 birch panel, beeswax polish, clean cloth. Position the drawers so the panel fits on top against a wall. Polish the top with some beeswax polish to give it some... More

Easy DIY Faux Birch Rustic Place Mat

This fantastic rustic birch placemat will be perfect for any type of family dinner, including Christmas. Prepare birch wrapping paper, some leftover felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Speaking about felt, here it was a 14.5″x18″ rectangle but you can go for any size you like. Glue the felt to the backside of the... More

Simple DIY Crocheted Trim For Lampshade Makeover

This crochet project is perfect for a fast lampshade makeover. You’ll need cotton yarn, lightweight, a 3.5mm crochet hook. Crochet anough 2 row granny squares to go around the perimeter of your lamp shade. Better to be a little short than too long. Round 1: Attach the granny squares to one another with a row of single... More

Vintage-Inspired DIY Stamped Clay Ornaments

If you’ve been following us lately, you’ve already seen clay ornaments. Here’s one of these tutorials in details. The supplies are 1 cup cornstarch, 2 cup baking soda, 1-1/2 cups water. Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan. Heat over medium stirring constantly until the mixture starts to resemble mashed potatoes.... More

9 DIY White Clay Christmas Ornaments To Try

I love crafting with white clay! It’s kinda making cookies and adding patterns to them but such a piece will last longer. Roll the clay thick enough not to break and take cookie cutters to cut curious shapes. To make various patterns you can take cable knit, doilies, leaves, herbs and other things you like and just press them... More

Stylish DIY Flea Market Cabinet Makeover

This flea market cabinet was easily renovated by the author of the tutorial. Take a cabinet and sand the finish off using an electric sander. Use Minwax wood stain in the color you like. After the stain dries, do three coats of Minwax polyurethane semi-gloss finish. After you finish the top, do a light sand over the entire... More

Cute DIY Felted Wool Snowball Garland

I love everything soft and cozy for the winter! And do you? If you do, then you just need to make this awesome garland. To make this felt Christmas craft, purchase roving felt in your chosen color, and a roving needle, then follow the tutorial below. Bunch wool to form a ball, hold loose end in place as you poke ball... More

11 Fun DIY Feather Decorations For Christmas

If you think that feathers suit only fall decor, you are wrong, feathers are amazing for any season, including winter. Peacock feathers can add color to any decoration – a place card, a garland, a wreath or an ornaments, just attach them to a string, wreath form or put inside the ornaments. Ordinary bird feathers look so... More

DIY Mini Mountain Paintings For Easy Home Decor

This project is dedicated to filling the plain walls, and it’s the best way for those who love painting. After you find a landscape photo you’d like to paint, follow these steps. Don’t worry about painting it perfectly, the less neatly you paint the better it will look! Paint the sky a light color (add swirls of... More

DIY Wooden Wall Hanging For Home Decor

This wooden wall hanging is a nice idea to fill a plain wall. Prepare 34 large wood craft sticks, craft paint in a couple of colours, wool felt approximately ” x “, wooden dowel, string, hot glue, a utility knife. Paint a few craft sticks in the colours you have chosen. Use an utility knife and straight edge to cut... More

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