Original DIY Curtain Rods Of Tree Branches

Curtains are a necessary part of the room design, they also keep our private life far from other people’s eyes. The choice of curtains is always great but curtain rods are not varied and often expensive. Here is an idea of how to make an inexpensive but very original rod. You’ll need: curtains – easiest if they have loops or very large grommets, fairly straight branches – one per window plus about 5 or 6 extra inches for hanging, gardening lopers, sand paper, a saw, a screwdriver and screws. Start by selecting your branches and trim all the tiny twigs so you can slide the curtain on later. Lightly sand the trimmed branch. Next, cut a small two small pieces off a branch you’re not using and screw into wall as a mounting mechanism. Loop curtains onto your branch before you hang them. The idea is very original – such design makes you closer to nature and the space cozier.

Source: oneyounglove

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