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15 Cool Garden Sheds That Make Any Garden Better

Antique Garden Shed

Antique Garden Shed (via bhg)

A lot of people like garden sheds. We’ve already showed you some cool potting sheds but we want to show you some more. Some of these new sheds are for potting while others for relaxing and other needs. Many of them were renovated to become a great decoration of a garden so if you have a garden shed you don’t like you can turn into something as beautiful as these sheds. We hope you’ll find some inspiration here.

Tower-Like Garden Shed

Tower-Like Garden Shed (via debraprinzing)

Garden Shed With Shutters And A Screen Door

Garden Shed With Shutters And A Screen Door (via homesteadrevival)

Luxurious Two-Story Garden Shed Studio

Luxurious Two-Story Garden Shed Studio (via bhg)

Garden Shed With A Clock Tower

Garden Shed With A Clock Tower (via debraprinzing)

Wooden Garden Shed

Wooden Garden Shed (via smallgardenlove)

A Light-Filled Garden House

A Light-Filled Garden House (via readershopping)

Garden Shed With Style

Garden Shed With Style (via southernlivinghouseplans)

Treehouse-Like Garden Shed

Treehouse-Like Garden Shed (via southernlivinghouseplans)

Palace-like Garden Shed

Palace-like Garden Shed (via debraprinzing)

Elegant Garden Shed

Elegant Garden Shed (via bhg)

Fairy Tale Garden Shed

Fairy Tale Garden Shed (via pinterest)

Garden Shed That Looks Like Dollhouse

Garden Shed That Looks Like Dollhouse (via ana-rosa)

Garden Shed With A Country Appeal

Garden Shed With A Country Appeal (via bhg)

Fantasy Garden Shed

Fantasy Garden Shed (via avidekiotthon)


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  1. Karen Says:

    Each and every one of these tiny structures are unique and very inviting. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  2. Linda Logan Says:

    Garden Shed??? I want to live in some of them.

  3. Kerri Says:

    Love these, would be great for a private art studio

  4. Curtis Worthington Says:

    These are amazing! Love these :D

  5. Teina Says:

    Love these, art studio, private sanctuary, or cute enough to live in!!

  6. Chas Says:

    Great inspiration!

  7. Kim Says:

    A perfect manifestation of one of my favorite poems from childhood . There was a crooked man…
    Love it!

  8. Rich Stevens Says:

    I’m looking a building a cabin off grid in Utah, I thought oo of these would be unique, do you have any thing about 700 square fee if so sho me a catalog.

  9. Anita Rabar Says:

    Solace !!

  10. Barb link Says:

    Would like to know the sizes and inside!!!!

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