How To Renew Your Swimsuit – 14 Tutorials

bikini bottom update

bikini bottom update (via bbmishmash)

Beach season is opened! If you are not satisfied with your bikini and haven’t bought any other, just renew your old one into some hot piece! Take a usual bathing suit and cut it, then add a ring, or cut some holes and weave. If you are good at crocheting, crochet a pattern and add it to your bikini – it’s retro style! Make some cuts on the sides and make bows; change the bottom into a sexy one. There are thousands of tutorials how to dye or print the fabric, you may use them to decorate your swimsuit. Scallops, bows and ruffles are also great and feminine for an old swimsuit refashion. Have a look at the tutorials and start renewing!

beaded bikini

beaded bikini (via daretodiy)

2 simple swimsuit renew ideas

2 simple swimsuit renew ideas (via planb)

crochet bikini renewal

crochet bikini renewal (via katrinshine)

side bow swimsuit

side bow swimsuit (via clonesnclowns)

ombre swimsuit dying

ombre swimsuit dying (via rookno17)

fabric printmaking

fabric printmaking (via mrkate)

scalloped bottom renewal

scalloped bottom renewal (via goldfishkiss)

old bottom side refashioning

old bottom side refashioning (via lovemaegan)

simple swimsuit bottom renewal

simple swimsuit bottom renewal (via merricksart)

refashioning with colorful elastics

refashioning with colorful elastics (via travelettes)

ruffled swimsuit renewal

ruffled swimsuit renewal (via lovemaegan)

renewing with vintage fabric

renewing with vintage fabric (via daretodiy)

fringe bathing suit

fringe bathing suit (via in-lala-land)

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