How To Paint A Mug – 21 Cool Tutorials

painted porcelain mugs

painted porcelain mugs (via lanared)

If you have some plain porcelain or glass mugs and want to personalize them, here are some cool ways. Monograms, snowflakes, polka dots, confetti and many other patterns – even Big Bang Theory characters – and you can easily make it yourself! Permanent pottery markers and sharpies are easy to use and would help you to create what you want, in any colors, not only black and white. Chalkboard pieces are very popular and rather easy to make – and you may leave any message on them! Below you’ll find some tutorials of painting and decorating mugs for everybody and all sorts of occasions.

chalkboard mugs

chalkboard mugs (via shelterness)

painted glass mugs

painted glass mugs (via thethings-we-do)

leaf patterned mugs

leaf patterned mugs (via curiousandcatcat)

gold monogram mugs

gold monogram mugs (via lezoemusings)

tag patterned mugs

tag patterned mugs (via katescreativespace)

tape painted mugs

tape painted mugs (via craftingandcooking)

snowflakes mugs

snowflakes mugs (via greenweddingshoes)

polka dot mugs

polka dot mugs (via thefoxandshe)

paint dipped mugs

paint dipped mugs (via themerrythought)

confetti glassware

confetti glassware (via feathersofgold)

arrow mugs

arrow mugs (via sauvages)

Mr. and Mrs. mugs

Mr. and Mrs. mugs (via madincrafts)

sharpie painted mugs

sharpie painted mugs (via mysocalledcraftylife)

aztec mugs

aztec mugs (via wrappedupinrainbows)

colorful mugs

colorful mugs (via craftpond)

sea patterned mugs

sea patterned mugs (via carolynshomework)

handpainted cups

handpainted cups (via drawingsunderthetable)

funny gift mugs

funny gift mugs (via littlegrayfox)

swirly mugs

swirly mugs (via thebluebrick)

big bang theory mugs

big bang theory mugs (via shelterness)

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