How To Make Pretty Roses from Maple Leaves

Fall decorating is awesome because it’s mostly natural. A golden fall bouquet can be made easily but it’d be a really awesome addition to your interior. You also won’t need much to do such composition. As you can see roses made of real maple leaves have a really amazing look.


  • Collect maple leaves of different colors. They shouldn’t be too small, dry or torn.
  • Fold the first leaf in two half so the front side was outside.
  • Turn this folded leaf into a tight roll.
  • This will be the core of the future rose.
  • Take the leaf and put the roll in the middle of it. The front side of the new leaf should be inside of the flower.
  • Fold this leaf out in two half. Its edge should be an inch above the roll.
  • Fold down the edge too.
  • Side edges of this double-folded leaf turn around the roll.
  • Take the new leaf and repeat latest steps but on the other side of the roll.
  • Add as many new leaves as you think is enough to make the bud.
  • When it’s ready use threads to secure its bottom.
  • Make several roses for your composition.
  • Combine these roses with as many bright leaves as you want.
  • If you want prolong the life of the composition brush the leaves with vegetable oil.

Source: lobzik

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