How To Make An Aged Paper Decoupage Table

One more decoupage table idea for you! The supplies are Mod Podge, rust-oleum glaze, and regular water based polyurethane. The artwork was created scanning an old engineering schematic drawing of a late 1800′s boat. Sand the table top and apply Mod Podge and lay down the large prints on one panel at a time. Let the paper dry and add the glaze or sanding off the edges of the paper. Take off the excess paper now so that the glazing process can sink into the torn edges around the outer rim of the table top. Be sure to sand in a downward direction when you do this so that you don’t loosen any of the paper from the table. Add Mod Podge to glaze the paper and let dry. Put 4-6 coats of regular water-based poly as a top coat, let dry and enjoy the unusual decoupage piece!

Source: vintagefangirl

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