How To Make A Colorful Bracelet Of A Chain And String

If you have a usual chain bracelet and want to add some color and texture to it – it’s easy to do. You’ll need scissors, an embroidery string, some tape, two jump rings and clasp, a jewelry tool, a bobby pin or large embroidery needle. Take two strings and form a loop. Begin braiding your strings as you see below and then tie a knot. Place the loop end of the friendship string in the jump ring as seen below. Add to that ring, the clasp and the chain, then close the jump ring by using the jewelry tool, hold and squeeze the ring gently until it’s closed, do not squeeze too hard or the ring will lose its round form. Take your bobby pin or embroidery needle and weave the string into the loops of your chain. Slide the loop string to the second jump ring and attach the jump ring with the yarn to the chain, and you’re done!

Source: inspirationsbyd

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