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How To Decorate Indoor Doors Using Moldings

Door after

Have you known that crown molding is a simple and great way to decorate your plain builder doors? You can add them tons of character with probably any molding. Besides the process of measuring and cutting isn’t hard if you have proper tools so the project won’t take much of your time.

First of all cut a piece of MDF in the length of the door and nail it up. Then measure the length of the crown you need and cut in using a miter saw. Next you need to cut out your side pieces. After all three pieces are ready glue them to the MDF piece you’ve nailed up. Now you can paint moldings in the same color the door is painted.

For full details and more pictures visit Decor Chick.

Door before

Door after

Door after


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  1. Jazziejazz Says:

    I just have to say that im loving this site and everything on it, im only 17 but i love interior design. theres just so much! it really is a true art form thats taken for granted sometimes. if i could do all this for a living i so would! amazing! thanks so much! :D

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