Homemade Faux Mercury Glass

Mercury glass vases looks great but are kinda expensive. That’s why you should wake up your DIY skills and turn some simple glass vases into mercury ones. To do that you’ll need Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint, flat black spray paint, Rustoleum Hammered Metal spray paint in gray and some accessories.

First you need to splash a little water inside the vases to make droplets. Lightly spray inside the vase with Kyrlon’s paint right away. Spray paint several coats for better coverage and interesting texture. On the next day wipe inside the vases using soft dry rag to remove the loosened paint where the water droplets were. In case you have some bare areas, spray paint them with ‘hammered metal’ spray paint. Next, paint the vases black inside and you’re done.

Source: bluecedarlane

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