Fashionable DIY Chandelier With Bubbles

Chandeliers with bubbles are popular today, many designers present their variants. Now you can make one, too. The supplies are clear holiday ornaments, silver & gold pre-holed sequins, clear jewelry line or fishing line, lamp shade frame or a wire plant basket; light colored, heavy duty thread, scissors, wire and wire cutters, a ribbon, a needle and thread. With your needle and heavy duty thread, start stringing your sequins. Spray paint your wire frame choosing the color you like. String your clear ornaments in whatever shape you like from the bottom base ring and string your sequins from the top base ring. Measure your ribbon to go around the top ring base of your chandelier. Take a needle and thread and attach your ribbon to the top ring base by pulling your needle through the ribbon, around the wire and back through the ribbon. Now you need to hang it. Cut wire to fit inside existing light base. String at least 4 strands of clear line or fishing line from cut wire to the top wire underneath your ribbon on the chandelier. Unscrew your light base, just enough to slide the top wire you just attached inside the light base. Once your wire is inside, screw the plate back on and you’re done. Enjoy your masterpiece!

Source: fabyoubliss

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