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Easy To Make Christmas Ribbon Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath in Christmas Colors

If you still haven’t made or bought a Christmas wreath we have an interesting tutorial for you. It’s done by Monica Ewing, doesn’t require much materials and is really easy to implement.


  • 12″ metal ring
  • 72 feet of 1 1/2″ wired ribbon (24 inches of each pattern in Christmas colors)


  • Tie about 36 bows.
  • Put all bows on the metal ring but use bows made of different ribbons after each other.
  • Now you need only a hook to hang the wreath.

See? The project is really easy and won’t take more than two hours of your time.

Source: homebysunset


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  1. Milly Says:

    Thanks for the lovely idea and easy to make tips! Mine turned out beautiful! :-)

  2. Tycie Says:

    Sorry, this may be a silly question but from someone who is not very crafty I am a bit confused… Do you tie the 36 ribbons onto the wire or hot glue them or attach them in some other way???

  3. Tycie Says:

    Also, sorry – how long are each individual bows? If I did my math right, are they suppose to be 2 inches each in length?

  4. Charlotta Says:

    Love the ribbon wreath, but what am I doing wrong? I started to make a wreath today, by trying to make bows directly on ring, but are bulky – not at all like picture. It looks simple enough, so sure I’m missing a little thing.

    Are the bows made and then attached to the ring? If so, how?

    Any advice will be appreciated.


  5. Alicia Says:

    I agree with the comments above & have the same questions. The ribbon measurements don’t add up right. Is the ribbon really 1-1/2″ wide? The ribbon in the picture looks 1″ wide. A similar wreath made with fabric strips tied in a knot sounds easier.

  6. TeresaD Says:

    How do I attach the bows & how long do I make them

  7. Lindsey Says:

    How long is each ribbon need to be?

  8. Robbie Says:

    PLEASE help me. I am not crafty so I assume you tie the ribbons on the wire and make sure there are enough to fill the wire so they stay in place, correct?

    Please let me know.

    thank you,

  9. Brandi Says:

    How do you attach the bows? What are the length of the bows, and could you explain EXACTLY how to tie the bows? This project isn’t as easy as it says.

  10. Creativ_mommy5 Says:

    I think I can answer some questions I made one that came out beautiful first you need a long piece of ribbon like 12 inches or so, you tie the bow directly to the wreath and if you want alternate colors simply tying bows around. Mine took a lot longer than two hours though

  11. Sarah Says:

    I have a 12″ ring and three colors of 1 1/2″ ribbon cut into about 12″ long… But I can’t get it to look anything like the picture! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The bows aren’t neat. It isn’t that I can’t tie a nice bow; I simply don’t know what the problem is. Tips?

  12. sheri may Says:

    Should be 24 feet of each ribbon pattern and tie bows on to wire with 2 bunny ear method.

  13. alyson Says:

    where did you get a metal ring

  14. Jacqueline Says:

    I think it`s hard to make a pretty bow like in the photo, but if you type in your browser….How to make a bow you will find quite a few and they show you step by step,I find it very easy now to make beautiful bows now, before they never looked like the ones in the photo`s…..

  15. Rhonda Says:

    I use ribbon with wire in it and u can puff the bow that way. Also, tie it right to the metal ring. I added painted red wooden hearts to mine, bought @ a craft store. ALSO, I angle cut ends of each tail of bow.cut them opposite angels . Hope this helps. I do a lot of crafts.:-)

  16. Diane Dill Says:

    If you have 72 feet total of ribbon and have to make 36 bows, that would mean you should allow 2 feet (or 24 inches – maybe this is the 24 inches referenced in the directions?) for each ribbon. I’m not sure, but it looks like you tie the ribbons onto the wire frame. YouTube has several videos that show how to tie a “bunny ear” bow. Basically, it’s like the bunny ear bow you tie your shoes with. This probably would have been much easier with clear instructions, or why not post a video? They don’t say whether to use wired ribbon, but I would think that would make it easier for the bows to maintain shape and stay put. I’ve got to get some ribbon, but I plan to give it a try. It’s probably the kind of project where you have to make a few before you get the hang of it.

  17. Gayle Harris Says:

    Looks like 12 bows of 3 dif patterns… (so enough ribbon to make 36 bows) .12″ long each piece of ribbon to make each bow

  18. LILIAN Says:

    Genial para una fiesta navideña y muy facil para hacerlo…gracias

  19. Vicki Says:

    well I did buy a larger ring but even so I don’t think 36 bows are enough. I’ve run out of ribbon so this project has been delayed until I get more supplies. I only have 24 bows and I’m not even half filled. And don’t get any ribbon with glitter. Looks pretty but I never thought about how much glitter would come off as you tie the bows.

  20. Dona Says:


  21. Katie Says:

    Is it me or was the information lacking? I ended up going to another site for more information and completed it their way.

  22. Donna B Says:

    I can see something wrong with the completed ring shown. It is not done on a single ring.(as described) There are 2 rings and the bows are alternating in colours. That is why the finished product looks fuller. Very poor instructions.

  23. Della Says:

    I used three 25 foot rolls of wired ribbon. One roll each of three different patterns. I cut the ribbons in 12″ strips and it turned out perfect. I them made a bow for the top of the wreath.

  24. Michelle williamson Says:

    Hi.is it m e or is there two rows of bows. I can see there is so how fo i attech the second row of ribbon tutorial

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