Easy DIY Easter Egg Decoration

Very soon spring will start and we’ll enjoy Easter. To make some decorations let’s take some eggs, thin crochet needle, ribbon and threads. Wash the egg, make a hole on the top and bottom of the egg and blow as hard as you can on the top hole form the egg. Try to hold the egg with all your fingers, to prevent it from breaking, again you have wash the egg when it’s empty. Crochet according to the pattern shown in the picture. Put your egg inside before closing and when it’s still wide enough. When your egg is finished you take a piece off ribbon from about 15 inch long and make a knot. Take a very thin crochet needle or long needle and put it through the egg. Then work the ribbon first through the bottom and then through the top of the egg. Hang your egg and Happy Easter!

Source: lvlyblog

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