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DIY Wrapped Agate Cuff Bracelet

Continuing the theme of cool spring jewelry, we’d like to tell you of this agate cuff bracelet. You’ll need two gauges of silver plated copper wire, 14-16 inches of the heavy wire, and around 10 of the lighter wire, focal beads of your choice, nylon pliers, wire cutters. Take heavy wire, connect the ends and wrap them around each other tightly enough to hold the shape securely. Cut off a length of wire that you think you can easily work with, thread a bead onto the center, so that you’re only working with 2-3 feet of wire coming off each end. Position the bead vertically at the center of your bracelet, and wrap the wire around the cuff’s frame several times. The details of the tutorial are here, get inspired and enjoy!


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  1. Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects Says:

    Hi Kate,

    I’m glad you enjoyed this project, but it’s against my terms of use to publish my tutorial photos without my permission. Please feel free to use one image, and remove the rest. Thank you!


  2. Dane Says:

    très jolie et judicieux réalisation sympa j’ adore merci du partage

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