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DIY Vintage-Looking Wine Rack Of A Pallet

Pallets are a cool craft material and you can make thousands of things of them like gardens, tables or mirror frames. This material is also ideal for making a vintage-looking wine rack. The supplies are a pallet, wood screws, sandpaper, stain and polyurethane. Take the bottom of the pallet and make a cut across the 3 beams. Take an extra board off of the pallet and add it to the back of the wine rack. Go through and secure each attachment with wood screws. Sand the wood with a very fine sandpaper then stain it with some stain. Finish the wine rack with a few layers of polyurethane to make it durable. Hang on the wall using screws and enjoy using this comfortable piece!


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  1. Claudio Araripe Says:

    Muito interessante!!!
    Alem de pratico e de facil elaboração!

  2. Claudio Araripe Says:


  3. Claudio Bicer Says:

    That looks so cool! I’m gonna try to build one this weekend.

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