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DIY Vintage Keys Frame

We always lose the keys and spend time looking for them in a hurry. Here’s a way not to look for them and not to be late everywhere. Make a frame where you could put your keys not to forget them. Such a thing would display all the keys you have. You’ll need a frame, screw hooks, a screw driver. Find or buy some vintage frame, you can paint it as you like. Take a screw driver with appropriate size screw and hooks of an appropriate size. Drill correct sized holes into the frame, after holes are drilled, screw in each hook, and you’re ready to mount on wall and hang keys.


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  1. MacKenzie Says:

    What are the demensitions of the frame?

  2. MacKenzie Says:

    What size is the frame?

  3. Donna Says:

    What size picture frame is this? Thanks!

  4. jesie Says:

    i think a dark color , will make it more.nevermine its good ideas

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