DIY Valentine Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon is one of those materials that provides you with a lot of possibilities when you’re making a wreath. You can easily find ribbons for any holiday out there and make a wreath that will be very cheap. Here is an amazing Valentine’s Day wreath made of materials bought for $7. 4 spools of ribbon, 1 package of hearts on a stick, a love symbol and a wreath base won’t cost much you nowadays and you can find all these things in many stores. Besides all these things you’ll need a red spray paint to make the wreath base more festive.

To make the wreath cut the ribbon into small pieces and fold them to resemble knots. Next, use a hot glue gun to attach these knots to the base. Now you only need to glue the hearts and the love symbol to the wreath and you’re done. If you wanna to see photos of the process Scissors and Spatulas blog.

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