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DIY Trendy Hanging Lamp

As I mentioned before, honeysuckle is a color of this year so why not to make something trendy for your interior? A hanging lamp in neobarocco style would be a great choice for a DIY project. Such lamp would be a great addition to any modern decor. Especially great it would look in combination with wallpapers with baroque patterns. Neo-baroque styled lamps are usually made of acrylic glass (Plexiglas) which is stronger than ordinary glass and easier to work with. That’s why we will also use it for this project.

Materials and tools

  • Sheet of colored Plexiglas
  • Cord set
  • Plastic cup
  • Decorative metal chain
  • Pink spray paint
  • Quick-setting glue
  • Pensil
  • Electric jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Lightbulb


  • Find some nice neo-baroque template and print it.
  • Transfer it on the Plexiglas sheet using pencil.
  • Saw the sheet using a jigsaw.
  • Repeat first three steps to get the second piece of the lamp.
  • Carefully remove the protective film from the Plexiglas. Insert the first piece into the second one.
  • Thread the wire through the decorative metal chain.
  • Drill a small hole in the plastic cup and pass an electric wire through it.
  • Paint the plastic cup, the cord and the metal chain using your spray paint. Make several coats for better color.
  • Fix this hanger to the lamp base using quick-setting glue.
  • Put a lightbulb in and your hanging lamp is ready.


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  1. elsa Says:

    this is wonderful, so creative!

  2. Emilie Says:

    AWESOME!!!!! This blog is AWESOME!!!!

  3. mommymae Says:

    i’ve been looking to buy a chandelier for my daughter’s room, but this might be what takes it’s place!

  4. radhikanavelkar Says:

    Genius!I am bookmarking this project! It looks great! I have seen similar paper cutouts on etsy but you can actually use this as a light fixture.

  5. shona Says:

    very pretty!! not easy to find pink color Plexiglas online. Could you let me know what color are you using? Transparent red color Plexiglas with 46.5% Transmission seems like similar to your color. Pink Plexiglas looks too bright, very whitish pink.

  6. crazy4bobbins Says:

    Love it!

  7. Jackie Says:

    Hi – Where did you find the pink acrylic sheet? I’ve had a hard time locating such a pretty color – Thanks!

  8. Adriana Brandelli Says:

    Olá , adorei o lustre, vc poderia me enviar o modelo? não encontrei nenhum modelo na net e gostaria de fazer, onbrigado!
    Meu email : adribrandelli@hotmail.com

  9. shona Says:

    Hi Mike — Could you please let me know where did you buy pink acrylic sheet? I’ve been looking for this particular color about 8 month. I ordered acrylic sheet samples from many different stores. No luck so far. I emailed several acrylic company about this color. They told me they never seen this kind of color before. I kind of gave up and I bought clear acrylic sheet and painted with staindgalss color. I love the color but horrible brush stroke showed up. I feel so hurt that I ruined beautiful piece I already cut. It was real hard to cut baroque patterns with jigsaw. but It was worth it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful ideas!! You are unbelievably talented!

  10. Allie Says:

    I cannot find a simple Baroque stencil pattern anywhere. Any suggestions!?! The few I have found are super detailed and difficult :/ I love the one you used!

  11. N Says:

    Could you pleaaaase share the template for this project?

  12. Eleni Says:

    this is an awesome idea but can you post the baroque template and the way you designed the cuts cause i tried it with another design i found online and it didn’t come out really nice…maybe more detailed instructions would help…

  13. Lady Says:

    It would have been nice if you took a photo of the template and posted it to. This is useless without it

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