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DIY Tabletop Water Garden

Table-Top Oasis

If you have an outdoor pond you probably also need to save your water plants over Winter. The nice solution here is to bring this little piece of outdoor gardening inside. There are many ways to do that but the creative one is to make some tabletop water gardens. This is a super easy and rewarding way to keep a little green on your thumb.

Here’s what you will need

  • A glass container, bowl, or something similar
  • Water plants such as taro, water lettuce, water hyacinth, duck weed, fairy moss etc.
  • Plastic pots shorter than the height of your glass vessel
  • Assorted rocks
  • Potting soil
  • Charcoal bits
  • Pure water

The idea is quite similar to the idea of making DIY tabletop terrariums we already showed you. For the full set of instructions with photos visit Radmegan’s blog.


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  1. Beccie Says:

    Beautiful… great ideas… looks so good!

  2. thiet ke noi that van phong Says:

    vểy nice but the mosquito can be live and birth in this??

  3. Kim Says:

    Don’t worry about mosquitos if you add a couple goldfish or mosquito fish. They eat the larvae and you do not need to feed them anything else! I have kept goldfish in my oversized birdbath for years! It is deep enough that they even survive the winter with a thin layer of ice on top!

  4. gypsy Says:

    be sure to check with wild life control, in some states duck weed is illegal, very fast growing and an invasive species of weed, otherwise lovely idea.

  5. jur Says:

    great idea for on my desk at the office!!

    realy awesome!

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