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DIY Tabletop Miniature Garden

A garden in spring is the main dream – no matter, what garden you have – a real big garden and or small one. Let’s create a personal garden – you’ll need an old table for a base. Put the table top off and begin making your own garden with soil, plants, flowers, moss and stones. They can be different but they still need to be part of a common category. For example, they all have to need approximately the same amount of water. After the plants are there and the stones as well, add some decorations. It’s a beautiful and fresh accessory, for your patio, entrance or even inside the house.


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  1. Passante Says:

    What does “put the table top off” mean? How did you construct the box? What did you do to prevent the wood from rotting? What about drainage? What kind of plants are suitable? How did you make the the birdhouse and arch? What supplies are needed? Approximate time to construct? INSTRUCTIONS! We need instructions

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