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DIY Sunburst Wall Mirror Of Paint Sticks

As I already showed you, paint sticks is a great material for a DIY sunburst wall mirror. Here is one more example that proves that.

First of all, paint sticks are free. You only need to buy a mirror, some paint and hot glue sticks to finish such project. Of course you also need to have a hot glue gun and a wire cutter at your home. Although if you are interested in making your own sunburst wall mirror you definitely should have such simple tools lying around.

For full instructions for the project visit Our Humble Abowed.


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  1. Gloria Says:

    I absolutely love the idea.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Love this idea!! How did you hang it on the walk though?

  3. ferg Says:

    Umm hate to burst your crafting bubble. But the paint sticks at Home Depot are NOT free, just because you didn’t buy them. Why do you think the prices of paint, brushes, rollers ect ect, keep going up. Having to wait to get a gallon of paint mixed because their is only one paint associate at the desk. Yep you guessed it.
    Do you think that any company is just going to absorb the cost of the so called “free” stuff that you get. We’ve even removed the sticks from the counters and started telling people no when asking for the 12-50 paint sticks. Their is talk about charging for them as well, try explaining to a customer why they can’t have a paint stick because someone came in and grabbed a handfull to make a frame for their mirror.

  4. Angela Says:

    Can’t find a website that gives the full instructions to make this mirror. Have tried several of the choices above but just keep ending up with same pictures but not full instructions. Can anyone tell me where to get full instructions please???

  5. Kris Says:

    Cranky Ferg, conglomerates like Home Depot don’t even see the immaterial cost of a only handful of people taking several pieces of tiny plywood. You act like the whole world is doing this – someone had a bad day. It’s okay, just go make yourself a sunburst mirror and revel in the artistry!

  6. Annie Says:


  7. AM Says:

    Love this project! I am in the middle of it right now (waiting for paint to dry).

    I had to visit 3 home improvement stores to get paint sticks. Walmart had none out in the open or any for sale and no one was there to answer any questions (big surprise there). Lowe’s was more than happy to give me 4 at the most but when I said I needed 50, they firmly disagreed to let that happen; I even offered to pay for them. As a last resort, I went to Sherwin Williams. I told him how many I needed and he gladly helped me count them and put them in a bag for me. Way to go, Sherwin’s!

    So it IS possible to get free paint sticks, but you have to shop around.

    I would also recommend using spray paint instead of painting each one individually. Way faster, you can choose different finishes and only a little bit more cost-wise. I just so happened to have some leftover brown spray paint that did the trick.

    I haven’t actually finished yet but will do so tomorrow!

  8. AM Says:

    So I finished this project today and it is hanging on my wall. It definitely doesn’t look quite as good as the example but I think I did a pretty good job! I ended up using less sticks which I think contributes to it’s less than prime quality. I don’t know how they squeezed so many of those on the back of the mirror!!

    Anyway. I recommend this project since it cost about 8 or 9 bucks to create and ends up looking like something you could buy from hobby lobby. Well done crafter, well done.

  9. Mary Says:

    the paint sticks are free from lowes and home depot i tried to pay for them they said they get them free also

  10. Bobbi Says:

    Genius!! Thanks so very much for sharing!

  11. Carolina Says:

    Where do I find a mirroir. i went to walmart but they are little.

  12. Carolina Says:

    Where do I find the mirori?

  13. Cmrobinpa Says:

    For all of you replying to paint sticks not bring free your wrong. I called Sherwin Williams and offered to pay for them. He told me to come In on Monday. When I got there he told me he wasn’t charging me for them he would just give them to me. I think it depends on who you get at the counter. Never the less you can get them for free.

  14. Erin Says:

    How do I hang this? I’m afraid to put some kind of 3-M hanging thing on the paint sticks because already the hot glue on the paint sticks seems fragile; I’ve had one snap off already. I don’t know where else to put something to hang it though because the paint sticks mean that the mirror part isn’t flush against the wall on the back. I also am trying to put this in a spot to hide and ugly electrical outlet door, so I can’t really use a nail either..

  15. Stacy Says:

    You can actually use wood shims too. They come in 2 sizes and are available at home depot.

  16. marlene Says:

    Just to add Lowes did not have many paint sticks as they have been on back order so I was told but Home depot was more than happy to give them to me as I offered to buy them and was told they are free and no need to pay. The Mirror can be found at a Dollar Tree or Family dollar it comes in a box they are sold as plates for the big pillar candles that are not in jars. cost $1-$3.00, walmart $4.99 great idea

  17. Ashley Menwer Says:

    I noticed some people saying that Homedepot paint sticks aren’t free.
    Well, to Burt their bubble, they are in Massachusetts and I always grab a handful at a time to make the projects

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