DIY Small And Cute Faux Sheepskin Rug

We all like these cheap sheepskin rugs we can buy at IKEA for $25. Although not everybody knows that they can get even better looking rugs than IKEA ones much more cheaper. In fabric stores you can find a felt that looks like sheepskin but can even have better color. One yard of such felt usually costs less than $25 and you can make several rugs from it.

The process of cutting this fabric is quite easy. You need to make a paper template of future rug and using a thin sharpie trace the pattern onto the back of fabric. Cut along the trace and throw rug or rugs you got into the dryer on “extra low heat”. Let them spin a bit to shake out any remaining fuzz. After that you can use such rugs anywhere you like. You can eve drape them over chairs to make your home even more comfy.

Source: younghouselove

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