DIY Plywood Christmas Card Holder

Christmas is close, and we continue to present the easiest and most interesting crafts for this holiday. To display your cards or maybe create an advent calendar, you will need: a jigsaw, masking tape, grit sandpaper, plywood, a pencil, a leather cord, metal tacks or nails, a hammer and a ruler. Along one edge of the plywood board, make a small pencil mark at 20 inches, while along the opposite edge make a pencil mark at 10 inches. Prep the wood for sawing using masking tape, brace the plywood on a sawhorse with clamps, and saw along your pencil lines, starting from the bottom of the tree. Smooth the edges with sandpaper, nail in or tack the end of the leather cord about 6 inches from the bottom. Repeat this process, zigzagging the leather cord all the way to the top, taking care to keep the leather tight and flat. You’re done!

Source: dotcomsformoms

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