DIY Perforated Globe Lamp For Indoors And Outdoors

Wanna make a cool lamp for indoors and outdoors? Here’s a great lamp that was inspired by a stylish Eastern-style globe lamp. The supplies are two large plastic bowls, tin snips, E-6000, cheap duct tape, Dremel variable speed rotary tool, Dremel sanding bands, Dremel drill bits, Dremel cutting guide, spray paint, a pendant lamp kit, a light bulb. Cut a large hole in the bottom of one bowl with tin snips and round it out using the sanding band attachment on a Dremel.  And now a smaller hole in the bottom of the second bowl to accommodate your lamp kit. Run a line of E-6000 glue along the lip of one bowl, and set the other bowl down on top of it to make a sphere.  To continue reading the tutorial look here.

Source: madincrafts

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