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DIY Outdoor Planters Of Recycled Tyres

Do you want to have charming planters at your patio that won’t cost you much? If so you can make them from recycled tyres. You probably can get them for free in a local auto shop. You can use the tyres as is, paint them or make creative planters with cool rims. On Studio G blog you can find full instructions with pictures how to make a planter with rims. 


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  1. Barney Says:

    Hey thats a great idea on re-using old tyres as planters. I like to use old chimney pots..

  2. Susan Says:

    You can also use tires to grow more potatoes. You put one down, fill it with soil and put in the potatoes. When the plants start coming up, you put another tire on top of the first, pour in more soil and wait for the plants to continue growing up through that soil. Couple more times…as the plants continue growing up, they are producing even more potatoes. Time to harvest, you just pull the tires down and sort the spuds out of the soil. Helps cut back on pests such as voles eating the potatoes as well. (Last garden I had, every potato I pulled up had teeth marks in it.)

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